From the same people who have no problems with mass incarcerations of US Citizens, we get this:
CSGV Bigotry
I clicked on the comments and I was somewhat shocked but not surprised at their hate and bigotry. Read some of the comments:

  • Danya Anderson an army of lard
  • Supratim Sanyal bet none of them will score over 80 in a IQ test.
  • Kevin Coleman To much Fox ” news,” has side effects.
  • Claude Isbell That poor woman, is younger than she looks. Barefoot and pregnant for years. She looks so tired. Most of the use kids, if not all, are screwed.
  • Victoria Haugen Looks like they need some birth control in addition to gun control…..
  • Sue Levins Rockwell Inbreeding results.
  • Kay Burnett I see child endangerment, potential domestic abuse or outright Tyranny.
  • Alfonso Romero What a future for the childrens. Also parents IQ 20.
  • Bárbara Benerousse Spay and neuter the parents!!
  • Virginia Kostmayer Wth are the protecting themselves from? Seriously they look like idiots, but hey Honey boo boo is a popular show so I think most Americans are idiots.
  • Jerry Guzi Yes. Out with “In God we trust”, in with “Mama, pass me some more mac-n-cheese, or I’ll blow your @#$%# head off.”
    (God love them all.)
  • Todd Lamonia Should be illegal.
  • Manny Gurrola REDNECKS SUCK
  • Robert Priester Buy them a bath tub.
  • Francesca Tori Rossellini Ugh. I think we should put all of the gun loving, gun toting individuals on an island. I want to be as far away from them all as humanly possible.
  • Tom Zilembo Take the guns away.

These are the most liberal and open-minded minds available to the world to do “good.” But their comments remind us of the Eugenicists bent on cleaning the world from those they considered inferior or dangerous.  At best they want us sent to a long eternal vacation at the old school Molokai Spa or île du Diable Resort.  No, they don’t have the testes to do it themselves, but rest assured they will have no hesitation on voting for someone who will do it…even if it means they will be next on the cattle cars.

At the time of closing this post, there were a grand total of 98 post. Only one person thought the whole line of comments was wrong.

Raquel Rocky Castillo As much as I disagree with this photo, there are too many insulting comments. I don’t think this family is on display for a free-for-all bashing. We need education all the way around to solve this nation’s problem. Oh and I grew up in the South and most people are friendly and generous regardless of how they dress or speak!

I hope she re-evaluates her companions and chooses better.

PS: If you are one of the persons mentioned above, don’t even bother trying to have your name and comment removed. You did it in a public forum, you are an adult, you have no expectation of privacy, deal with it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: An amazing collection of bigots.”
  1. They look generally friendly. Bet their Thanksgiving dinners are incredibly tasty, too.

    If Seasteading takes off, Francesca Tori Rossellini may get her wish. And the islands will be the only free places left on Earth.

  2. “Is this the America you want to live in”

    Ayup! Beats hell out of the Soviet police state CSGV has in mind for us! CSGV can go to hell!

  3. Well, I see no safety violations for the guns shown. There are in a country setting and dressed appropriate for the location. So, what are these people complaining about?
    Looks like a picture that people would put on a Christmas card.

  4. CSGV is nothing more than a group of haters masquerading as this entity that has great concerns for the welfare of America. They have nothing better to do in life then latch onto something and attack it so they can make themselves feel better.

  5. Those comments make me afraid. It sounds like those people really want to do bodily harm to me, or at least to watch someone else do it. That’s sad. 🙁

  6. Of all the comments made, those by Bárbara Benerousse are the most horrifying. A little more than a half century ago, tens of thousands of my people were sterilized against their will for the “crime” of having a different set of beliefs (being Jewish). To see someone causally joke about forced sterilization because they do no like another person’s way of like is repugnant beyond the ability of the English language to describe.

  7. @ Francesca Tori Rossellini “Ugh. I think we should put all of the gun loving, gun toting individuals on an island. I want to be as far away from them all as humanly possible.”

    Um … they have guns, you hate guns, so … what’s YOUR favorite island? (Its called logic, look it up).

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