Code Pink sold itself as an anti-war group after the invasion of Afghanistan and the announcement of the war in Iraq.

Its name comes from the United States Department of Homeland Security’s color-coded alert system (e.g. threat level yellow) and pink because it was a woman founded, woman-led organization.

The reality is that Code Pink is a viciously anti-Semitic, anti-American, hard-Left organization that protests to defend the evils of this world from America.

Remember that it was Code Pink that acted as human shields to defend Venezuela’s embassy and the Maduro supporters in residence there.

Code Pink is currently trying to organize a boycott of Puma brand shoes because they supported the Israeli national soccer team.

Code Pink has taken multiple trips to Iran to defend Iran from sanctions.

But the most recent act by Code Pink is perhaps their most disturbing yet.

This Shabbat was the yahrzeit of the Tree of Life shooting.  A yahrzeit is the annual remembrance of death and is important in the Jewish tradition as a time to say the mourners kaddish for those who have passed.

America’s ambassador to Israel sent out a Tweet as a reminder of this:

This is the response from the Co-Director of Code Pink:

So the Jews and Israel are to blame for the Tree of Life shooting?

I guess this is what can be expected from a group that routinely supports Iranian Holocaust denial.

How many times do I have to say it:

Leftist Jews are not Jews, they are Leftists who hang onto their Jewish identity for the victim credit. They gave up their Judaism to worship at the altar of Progressive Socialism.

Any “Jew” who goes on a tour defending Iran and attacking Israel as the problem has long since stopped being a Jew.

My only hope is that whatever Synagogue she attends, the rest of the worshipers there throw her the fuck out the door.  Literally.  Like pick her up and toss her down the front steps.

Jews like me say “never again.”

Jews like her are waiting in line to be Kapos.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Code Pink is evil garbage”
  1. I shared a funny picture of a little girl having a great time holding a Barrett 50. My jewish uncle chimes in with “great family values you represent :-(”

    1. That’s a bolt action, not a scary assault rifle
    2. Those weapons should stay in the hands of the military? Well, what do you think I do for a living?
    3. Why does the Jewish American insist that only the all-knowing government have access to weaponry?

      1. Or more likely: not-kosher progressives.
        I spent a few minutes reading some of the other replies to Friedman. Good grief. The fake jew you quoted is just a drop in the bucket, and not even the worst of the bunch.

  2. You left out Code Pink delivering cash and supplies to al’Qaeda in Iraq while US Marines were fighting them in Fallujah. They traveled through Syria, using letters of introduction to Assad given to them by Pelosi and other hogh-ranking Democrats.

    The failure to prosecute and execute the people involved in that treason still baffles me.

    (And talk about abandoning your allies — just a few years between Democrats leaning on Assad to grant them favors and their baying for his head.)

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