7 Replies to “Cody Wilson in CBS This morning.”

  1. Its just one more thing for the ignorant to be enraged and offended by.
    Maybe someday they will figure out what to REALLY be offended by…
    Maybe.. meanwhile guys like me will continue to build guns..

  2. He’s right of course. Also did you notice how they worked in the ‘the NRA doesn’t support him because gun manufacturers don’t make money off these guns’ lie? They just can’t/won’t stop propagandizing.

  3. The “big news”, to the talking head, is that you can use a milling machine to make a gun.

    I guess they think guns are mined somewhere?

    1. “I guess they think guns are mined somewhere?”

      Not surprising these progtards are that ignorant. They all think money for all the “free stuff” they want grows on magical trees in Che Guevara’s backyard, that meat comes from groceries stores at Emerald City, all nicely prepacked in styrofoam trays, and that science, technology, engineering & math are racist.

      Here’s a likely brain-fart of a progtard “logic” about this: Coal is evil, mined and black. Guns are evil and black so therefore they must be mined. Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb.

  4. I think I will stop by the Walmart and pick up a cheap 3d printer and start making guns. Should be able to make a couple dozen ar15 by the weekend

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