Remember Cadet Spencer Ramone, the “commie cadet” who got rolled out of the Army with a less than honorable discharge for being a fucking commie at West Point?


Well, in 2021 America he failed upwards.


I think I have a picture of “Modern Arab intellectual history” somewhere.

Here it is.


“Political metaphysics” is just gobbledygook.

He is working on his PhD in history in order to get a sinecure at a university for being a commie and to indoctrinate students.

The university system is broken and needs to stop receiving state and federal funds.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Commie failed upwards”
  1. Not a single sentence in his “biography” makes sense.
    It’s just buzzwords chained together so the University staff can masturbate to their perceived brilliance.

    1. That “chaining of buzzwords” crap seems to becoming more prevalent than ever. The previous recent example was the Tik-Tok video of the tattooed freakazoid “girl” babbling nonstop about utter nonsense. The old saying was “If you can’t dazzle `em with brilliance, then baffle `em with bullshit!”

  2. Spenser needs to go do a five year, in-country study. And shame on UTA if he’s not fluent in Pashto, Farsi and Arabic.

  3. Crap. I was just wondering what happened to this weasel.

    Sigh. There’s no justice in the universe.

  4. Wai-wai-waitaminit!

    Isn’t this a person of pallor?

    An anglo. at that?

    AND! a graduate of the University of War, in the most oppressive, anti POC nation in the history of everything?

    Talk about cultural appropriation! Talk about misintellectualizing non western thought! Are there really *NO* authentic muslims to “…reconstruct and historically situate politico-theological ideologies…in the Arab world and beyond.”?

  5. Sounds like a reason for the state legislature to step in and see if the funding for his position could be used for something constructive.

  6. We’ll see if the son of a bitch lives that long… I’m supposed to go hog hunting in the fall… He ain’t hard to find..

  7. I’m wondering at the contradiction in terms found in the phrase “Modern Arab intellectual history”

  8. Never. Ever. have I seem a more supercilious, smirky, scummy, “want-to-needs-to-be beaten in his fuckin’ head until the skull collapses into his shoulders with a Mattock Handle” face in my entire life…

    And this in a looooong life of seeing a LOT of people who’s faces just say ‘punch the shit out of me please’.

    It’s enough to start a go-fund-me “Help me raise gas money to punch the fuck out of a Commie and Bail Money”

  9. This utter doofazoid realizes that Muslims are huge colonizers who trample all over native populations and have a “convert or die philosophy,” right?

    … right?

  10. Parsing the word salad indicates he loves Arabs and hates Jews which he claims is just “anti Zionism”. I would love to assign him some fieldwork in Syria.

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