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The customer complied.

He gave up his money, he didn’t resist, he still got shot in the face.

The people who say, “just give the criminal your wallet, don’t fight back,” do not understand that such compliance isn’t a guarantee the guy willing to shoot you for your wallet won’t shoot you after you handed over your wallet.

I don’t know what I would have done in this situation, but I do know that expecting mercy from a guy pointing a gun at you during a robbery is a bad bet.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Compliance with criminals is no guarantee of safety”
  1. “They” have been saying this forever, “just give them what they want”…. What if he wants your wife???? You just gonna hand her over?? The time has come to realize your safety is up to you.. trust noone you don’t personally know. Get threatened, act accordingly. We had a guy here recently goin around Sanford Maine threatening people with a knife, food truck owner got threatened, dumfuk with knife got shot. We have bucoo guns here. I think its gonna get worse this coming year when the snowflake M’fers get brave… daily carry is 3 10round mags and may include 12inch 870 full of short mags…

  2. In an armed robbery, you already know the guy is twisted enough to threaten you with death. So compliance is nothing more than gambling — with your life — that it’s only a threat. But you also know, or should know, that the robber has any number of possible reasons for killing you anyway, for example (1) eliminating a witness, or (2) for s**ts and giggles.
    So the only sane option is to use lethal self defense force. Preferably with a gun, though in CQB cases a knife might be a useable option.

  3. The victim had almost no chance. He found himself with his back to an armed assailant. This meant he was totally at the criminal’s mercy…or lack thereof. Never sit with your back to the entrance of a business. Always be prepared and expecting crime to happen…because it’s always just a moment away. This poor soul was shot in the back of the head. His odds of surviving are close to zero. His time to plan and act had passed. Don’t be like this victim.

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