Violent Muslims (redundant) have started attacking Jews with 2x4s in Amsterdam.


The protestors in the US have been intimidating and threatening Jews. It won’t be long until they start doing thinks like this.

Despite arrests, the protests in the US have gotten worse because the protestors in Blue cities have not faces real consequences.

Hitting someone with a 2×4 is dangerous and potentially lethal.

I know this doesn’t apply in Amsterdam, but where I live, if you swing s 2×4 at me in anger, I can legally force feed you a bullet.

This will continue until people learn consequences, and getting shot is a severe consequence.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Concealed-carry, because this is coming to the US”
  1. Me, holding this decrepit monkey paw I found on the side of the road: I want Based Stick Man to rise again.
    The evil genie: Is that your final answer?

  2. From one of their other posts:
    Here are 10 statements every pro-Palestinian says every day that might help you decide:

    1. “We don’t want the destruction of Israel, but from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

    2. “We’re not antisemites, we are anti-Zionists, but let’s prevent Jewish students from entering campuses and boycott Jewish businesses”.

    3. “We want ceasefire now, but let’s globalize the Intifada and encourage Hamas to attack Israel”.

    4. “Gaza is an ‘open-air prison’, but look how beautiful and prosperous Gaza was before Israel attacked it”.

    5. “Israel has no right to control Gaza and the Palestinians, but Israel must provide the Palestinians with electricity, water, food, and fuel”.

    6. “The IDF are a group of weak cowards in diapers, but the IDF destroyed all of Gaza and, being so cruel, dropped more bombs than the US in Afghanistan”.

    7. “Oct 7th attack didn’t really happen, but Oct 7th attack was justified because of the occupation”.

    8. “Israel is making up that Hamas took hostages, but look how nicely Hamas treats the Israeli hostages”.

    9. “Israel kills the innocent, and that’s wrong, but no one should tell the Palestinians how to resist Israel even if they kill and rape the innocent”.

    10. “Israel is alone; the whole world supports Gaza, but the whole world has forgotten Gaza and disappointed the Palestinians”.

    1. 11. “The Zionist entity …” … “Nothing I said is in the least bit anti-semitic”. (Heard from a protester spokesman at Emerson College, Boston MA, on channel 25 TV news.)

      1. “I didn’t say anything about Jooos, only ‘Zionists’… ” and variations thereof.

        The disconnect is pathological.

    2. leftists are nothing but contradictions all the time.
      18 year olds are not mature enough to take out a student loan, five year olds are mature enough to decide their gender.
      Police are nothing but racist murderers, but only the police should have guns.
      Etc… etc… etc…
      The followers of islam are nothing but leftists through and through.

  3. From those videos, all elements of defense of Self and others against an attack by a person intent on committing serious injury or death are met. Respond with proportionate force.

    1. Indeed, but it’s a problem if you live in a country where self defense has been outlawed (either formally or in practice).

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