From CNN:

There is actually a legitimate answer to this.  Catholicism is a very liturgical religion.  The Catholic tradition of study is to read the bible and understand how to apply the lessons to life given precedent and the canon of church doctrine.

This is very similar to a few thousand years of Jewish Talmudic study.

Growing up in this kind of religious environment makes for very legalistic thinking.

The best SCOTUS judges have been Catholics and Jews.

Scalia was a very traditional Catholic, his son is a priest.  He and Ginsburg were known for their very deep friendship and debates based on this idea of liturgical interpretation.

So that is the first answer.

The other answer is: what kind of suspicious, religious bias conspiracy theory is CNN trying to peddle here?

Going into the comments, many of the proposed answers have to do with tyrannical religious extremism.

So congrats Catholics, CNN has made you into Jews.  Your success in a highly regarded field of study is now to be a suspected of conspiracy to impose your will on others.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Congrats Catholics, you’re Jews now.”
  1. Bad picture. They don’t look happy. If you watch the video from last night, they seemed like a happy family. I may be wrong, but I think this picture, one moment where everyone looks distacted or sad, was deliberately chosen to give a bad impression of the selectee and his family.

    1. Deliberately bad picture. Media groups will search hours of footage to find the one frame that makes a person look bored, pissed, or insane. When I was watching them last night, they looked plenty happy enough to me.

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