For when I get elected:

For the military or federal law enforcement to get authorization for funding for new weapons or platforms, all obsolete transferable weapons must be sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program for supplemental funding.

If the Army wants a new machinegun, every pre-1986 M60, M1919, every generation of M16 below the M16A3, etc., must be liquidated from inventory to the CMP for civilian sale.

They want a new submachine gun/PDW, every pre-1986 Thompson, grease gun, MP5, etc, must be liquidated from inventory to the CMP for civilian sale.

If they want in with the new, they must have more out with the old.

Same for ammo.

Any ammo older than 10 years must be liquidated from the arsenal to get restocking of new ammo.

Just think of how much supplementary money the DOD and DOJ will get for new guns and equipment.¬† That’s the ticket, because once some bureaucracy sticks that opium needle of new tax money into its arm, it will never be able to give it up.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Congressman J. Kb’s omnibus bill rider”
  1. One objection. CMP is a bloated and mismanaged operation that’s become so because of its monopoly on the supply.

    Refund the DCM and make it part of the DoD. There has to be some meritocracy with this.

    Or, even better than CMP or DCM; just let them be sold through the normal competitive bid process all other surplus is already being sold under.

    If it works for discarding an M12 rifle rack, there’s no reason it won’t work for an M240 MG.

  2. Throw in a repeal of 18 U.S.C. 922(o) and mandate everything be transferred to CMP and made available to the citizenry.

  3. JKB for pres! I’m pretty sure as head of the executive branch you can authorize the ATF to process new F1s for machine guns.

    I’m also pretty sure you can enact an amnesty, say like the first one, that would allow anyone to register anything.

  4. Not many Pre-86 weapons in us military hands these days. Most were destroyed or given to allies when wore out.

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