Sex columnist, gay rights advocate, and human pile of garbage Dan Savage tweeted the following in response to the San Bernardino shooting.

Dan Savage

He hates guns, he hates gun owners and the NRA, and he hates America.  I think he made that clear.  Of course he believes he is well atop his moral high horse, performing dressage 140 characters at a time.

Here’s the thing.  Dan Savage is a terrorist.  He admitted it.  He authored a piece for Salon where he describes in great detail with enormous self satisfaction, how he contracted the flu and decided to spread it to Republican candidate Gary Bauer and his staff at Mr. Bauer’s campaign headquarters in Iowa.  Why?  Because he (Dan Savage) didn’t agree with Mr. Bauer’s position on gay marriage.

Mr. Bauer made a comment  about the SCOTUS gay marriage decision and terrorism.  Dan savage replied with the following:

I decided that if it’s terrorism Bauer wants, then it’s terrorism Bauer is going get — and I’m just the man to terrorize him… I would keep the pen in my mouth until Bauer dropped by his offices to rally the troops. And when he did, I would approach him and ask for his autograph, handing him the pen from my flu-virus incubating mouth.”

I go around the room licking doorknobs. They are filthy, no doubt, but there isn’t time to find a rag to spit on…. I want to seed his office with germs, get as many of his people sick as I can, and hopefully one of them will infect the candidate. I lick office doorknobs, bathroom doorknobs. When that’s done, I start on the staplers, phones, and computer keyboards. Then I stand in the kitchen and lick the rims of all the clean coffee cups drying in the rack. I grab my coat and head out.”

Now Gary Bauer was a nothing of a candidate.  If I didn’t know about what Dan Savage did to him, I wouldn’t know anything about him.

But Gary Bauer was not the only Republican to be terrorized by Dan Savage.  Rick Santourm was the victim of an online harassment and extortion campaign that is as disgusting as anything I can imagine.

Dan Savage purchased a domain name (NSFW) and got his followers to use a Google Bomb to create a deinfiton for the word “Santorum” to be… a very disgusting thing relating to homoerotic intercourse.

In Dan Savage’s own words, this is what he intended to do to Rick Santorum:

There’s no better way to memorialize the Santorum scandal than by attaching his name to a sex act that would make his big, white teeth fall out of his big, empty head.

Through the use of the Google Bomb, Dan Savage’s domain and definition became the top search engine hits for “Santorum” displacing the Candidate’s official web page.  Why?  Because he (Dan Savage) didn’t agree with Mr. Santorum’s position on gay marriage.

So here we have an admitted biological terrorist and online harasser, who has publicly stated that he wishes that all republicans we’re dead and wanted to drag an independent candidate running against a Democrat to death behind a truck.

But I am supposed to defer to his moral superiority on the issue of gun ownership?

No.  People like Dan Savage are the reason I am encouraged to own and carry guns.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Consider the source”
  1. and yet we support his 1st Amendment rights…..even tho the Founding fathers didn’t have the internet or podcasts!

    I actually like his podcast, but boy every anti-gun rant he’s had is as near 100% bullshit as possible. He doesn’t care about facts, just talking points and his party’s agenda.

  2. Hey, that billboard is from Oregon! You can tell by the gray skies.

    (And also by the 541 telephone area code.)

    I might have to check out this “Elite Guns & Bows” place the next time I’m up in Pendleton! 😀

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