We all know the veterans that spent their time in the military behind a desk. They only time they touched their weapon was when they were in boot camp or when they had to qualify. The vets that never deployed but have a strong opinions.

We see them when a former general says “fully semi-automatic” when describing an AR-15. Or the vet that says “I know what the AR-15 can do, no civilian should own an AR-15”. They lay claim to an authority of opinion that they have not earned and do not deserve.

This image came from my Lady. She was laughing because this proved that the poster really wasn’t a vet.

Yeah, the forward assist is not a selector switch. Nor is “armored infantry for the Coast Guard”.

Except context matters. This was a troll posting. War Path is a name I’ve seen before and not as a wannabe. So yeah Trolling.

This tweet was in response to this one:

And Lakota Man responded, you can see it in the image above “Exactly. Thank You.”

Trolling accomplished.

Context matters.

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8 thoughts on “Context Matters”
  1. It is a little awkward holding the button pressed while firing, but apparently it was designed that was as a safety feature.
    Remember, the TASC (Thumb Activator for Special Capabilities) must be kept firmly pressed throughout the firing cycle to engage the special capabilities.

    1. You know, I almost want to see one of the Special People try doing that, just to find out what happens. I bet it’s not good for the gun, but hilarious to watch as a bystander.

  2. As an Air Force Vet – from a combat com unit: “I know what the AR-15 can do, Civilians should own 155mm Artillery.”

    1. And the fact the guy who responded bills himself as former military but didn’t catch it? Priceless.

      That’s on top of not knowing what the forward assist button is actually for, despite presumably being knowledgeable about the rifle in question. Do they not train that in the Army? Or is that strictly an “armored infantry in the Coast Guard” thing?

      Poe’s Law strikes again. Best part is, they don’t even realize they’re being played. 😀

      I’m tempted to take photos of my bolt-action rifle’s safety switch in all three positions, with the bolt handle clearly visible; label them “safe”, “semi-auto”, and “full auto”; and post them up to see how many people bite.

  3. Problem is, of course, people that don’t already familiar with ARs, might easily think this is for-real. (I can’t see the whole thread so I don’t know if the Coast Patrol Mobile Infantry wannabe was taken to task for this or not.)

  4. Overlapping auto????? What in the flying F word is THAT???? Oh, and where can we get one??? Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

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