According to the deep thinkers marks on Twitter, Trump is a Nazi.

When the Hitler and Nazi party of Germany formed, the first paramilitary unit created were the the Sturmabteilung (SA) – also known as the Brown Shirts.

They were eventually superseded by the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Both the SA and SS were military units.  They had specially designation to separate them from the Wehrmacht (Defense Force) which was the official German army.

The breakup of WWII era German military units this way was a paperwork way of getting around the limitations placed on the size and offensive capabilities of the German army per the Treaty of Versailles.

The point is, Hitler and the Nazi party had control of the military of Germany, both for war with other nations (Wehrmacht) and for political oppression (SA, SS).

If Trump is Hitler or Goebbels and the GOP is a bunch of Nazis, than logically the US Army would be his SS, in this analogy.

This brings us to Trump hating, Left winger, Andy Richter.

(In response to this Tweet)

So, if Trump is Hitler, the GOP are Nazis, and they are using the military as their own personal SS to oppress people, it’s still wrong to take up arms against our own troops…

I really don’t think the Left thinks these things through all the way.

Then again, do they ever?


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Contradiction on Twitter”
  1. All they know is that NaziHitler=bad.
    The actual mechanics of Hitler’s rise to power*? The actual details of how the National Socialist state functioned**? Ignorant on all accounts.

    Now, should Trump require the military to swear a personal oath of loyalty to him by name, or should the Secret Service suddenly acquire armored divisions, then you should be worried.

    *a dirty, backroom deal by two guys who thought they were using Hitler to get back into power
    **closer to what Bernie proposes

    1. “closer to what Bernie proposes”

      Sanders was asked whether he was a national or international socialist. He said he was a national socialist. So, yeah, Sanders wouldn’t have objected to most of their policies.

      1. I’ve seen that quote, I’ve looked for an authoritative source. Could Bernie really be that stupid? He’s a socialist, so I suppose the answer has to be “yes”.

  2. And I’m also going to guess that the tweety twits in question have posted in support of the Anti-Fa “Resistance” more than once.
    Bunch of LARPers.

  3. One thing about social media- it gives ignorant morons a national stage….mean while gun sales are NOT in a Trump slump and the rest of us are busy WORKING to take care of our family…remember kids, We still out number em. Dont forget that in Nov 2018

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