Remember after 9/11, and the Fort Hood shooting, the airplane shoe bombing, and airplane underwear bombing, and the Madrid bombings, and the 7/7 London bombings, and the Little Rock and Chattanooga recruiting office shootings, and Boston Marathon bombing, and Nice truck attack, and San Bernardino shooting, and the Pulse Night Club shooting, and both London Bridge mass stabbings, the media wrung its hands and warned all of us about the impending backlash against Muslims in America.  That angry, racists Americans were going to start programs in Muslim communities and demand American Muslims be rounded up and interred like the Japanese during WWII*.

*While the media does acknowledge the horrors of Japanese internment, they never quite get around to making it stick that it was a Democrat president and his supreme court justices that did it and justified it.

None of these violent, anti-Muslim actions never seemed to materialize.  And the few reported incidents turned out to be hoaxes.

Well, the media needs a new potential source for racist attacks.  And covering Jews being beaten up in New York just inst the kind of racist attacks they can sell papers to Progressives with.

The Corona Virus has provided the media with just what they need to foment race hate.

Apparently the Washington Post doesn’t realize it’s 2020 and not 1889.

The big concern seems to be that the Chinese government, which is notoriously non-transparent and untrustworthy, as all Communist dictatorships are, is not doing enough to help the rest of the world contain the virus.

The Washington Post wants to believe that means white Americans are going to start marching with signs about the “yellow peril” like they are coming here to build a railroad.

There seems to have been one racist incident relating to the virus, but it happened in New York City and not the Deep South, and the perpetrator belongs to the same demographic that has been attacking New York’s Jews.  So don’t expect to hear about it on the major news networks.

While the rest of the world worries about a potentially deadly pandemic that makes the Spanish Flu look like a runny nose, the media is looking for a way to make concerns over an outbreak into a way of making white people look racist.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Corona virus and the death of American media”
  1. Uhhh…. What?

    Racism because of a flu like disease? Really? Last time I checked, viruses were color blind.

  2. I will be sure to inform the Washington Compost at the first sign of discrimination against asians, transgenders, muslims, unicorns, gay whales, microwave ovens, or athletes foot fungus due to the coronavirus.

  3. Racist attack due to the coronavirus, sure, by the Washington Post.

    Actually CBMTTex, it looks like the coronavirus targets the ACE2 version of the Angiotensin-converting enzyme which is orders of magnitude more common in Asian males then in non-Asians. That’s not really uncommon, malaria and other disease often effect different biological populations differently.

    1. Interesting tidbit there JNorth.

      However, does that make the virus racist? Is it targeting the asian males because of their skin color, or other visible physical trait? Granted, it does prove the virus is discriminatory, but I do not believe that is what the Washington Compost meant with the tweet.

      Additional question. Is it racist to take action to avoid a disease? Is one a racist because they acknowledge that asian males are more likely to be carrying the disease, and they take action to avoid contamination? I have no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of the responses are not taking that into account.

  4. I’m waiting for when it breaks out in Venezuela or Mexico. Imagine that shit show. And it’s going to happen. And when Trump locks down the border to prevent spreading to the southern states the Democrats will call him racist. But then again the Democrats would think that it would infect primarily white people and citizens and they They hate the legal citizen, especially the white ones Which they want rounded up and systematically exterminated and since they can’t go around rounding up all the white people in the country and exterminating them because around half have guns and would react accordingly and dropping nukes on large population centers in southern states would probably look bad they can use this to destroy the economy. Hopefully for them it kills millions of white people.

    That was all tongue-in-cheek. But the sad part is that even though it sounds insane A part of you makes you think they actually want that to happen.

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