Steven Crowder on X: “🚨 BREAKING: Nashville School Covenant Shooter Audrey Hale’s “DEATH DAY” Manifesto Targeted “Crckers” with “white privlages” “wanna kill all you little crckers” “I hope I have a high death count” “I’m ready…I hope my victims aren’t.” “Ready to die.” #NashvilleManifesto” / X (

What caught my attention is this the language of this particular page:

This is pure Left Wing rhetoric, something that would come out of the mouths of your average Antifa/BLM thug. And yes, the homophobic language is also part of their vocabulary as we have heard it before when taunting those they are about to attack.

When they say they want you dead, you take them at their word. Somebody sold them the idea that all their problems will be solved if they get rid of people they target as the cause of their problems or object of their hate.

“But Miguel! (asshole) Audery Hale was nuts, insane, she was not responsible for her actions.”

Screw that. The people she killed are as dead as if they were shot by somebody with mental faculties intact.

And rest assured, somebody is already getting ready to do it better than she did. And all in the name of their “revolution.”

Prepare accordingly.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Covenant Shcool Shooter: 3 pages of the manifesto released. One is very interesting.”
  1. After reading the manifesto, my original thinking on why it wasn’t released over the past seven months was validated. Leftist did not want the nation to know that their intention to produce their leftist brand of insanity, (which is the ‘Victim Paradigm’) within the nation’s youth, was in fact beginning to produce the intended results they hoped for.
    Yes Miguel, as you said, some would say she was insane, and they’d be correct. But what is not correct about the context of that assertion is that it is a societal aberration. No, it’s an intended result to be anything but an aberration, it’s to be the new and improved “Norm”.
    Sane rational minds are able to engage in critical thinking on any subject with a high degree of objectivity. The leftist agenda cannot survive if the majority of the American Youth are schooled to engage in this personal discipline. So, they endeavor to persuade the youth that they are victims of anyone who can exercise this discipline.
    The result is Insanity, where a person is praised for using anything but, what is necessary to understand what they don’t know, they are praised for rejecting all which came before their existence. And are commanded to look within oneself for all the answers which a person naturally can’t and doesn’t know……is INSANE. It’s a societal cancer for which there is no cure.

  2. Something here doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I don’t see anything that explains why they want it hidden so bad. What is the justification for the school to want to hide it? Either Crowder was fed bullshit to discredit him, or we are only seeing part of it.

    1. Well Birdog357, what is that “something” that doesn’t pass the smell test? The shooters reasons in her statement “doesn’t fit the narrative the leftist want to promote, which is white supremacy, white privilege, oppressors of her kind are the reason she feels so bad and need to die” won’t suffice as the main reason ‘they’ wanted to keep this from the public?

      1. So we aren’t seeing all of it then? @L2S, I’m not sure, it’s really just a nagging feeling that there’s still something missing here. I can’t figure out why the victim’s parents want it withheld.

  3. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” — Maya Angelou (who was no friend of the Right)
    The Nashville shooter showed us who she was. Now that (part of) the manifesto has been leaked — and they’re starting what could become a criminal investigation into the leak, which also says something — confirming what we suspected about her all along, we wonder why it was withheld.
    IMHO, the reason it was withheld appears very simple: They needed to try to convince us she was something other than what she was. The media, school, etc., painted her as an unhinged, racist, trans-phobic wacko.
    She was unhinged, certainly. And she was racist, but not the way the word is usually used; she hated white people, the “correct” form of racism. But far from being trans-phobic, she hated straight people. And she hated Christians and — most of all — she hated people with wealth.
    All that flies against the Leftist narrative, that says that girls and transgenders are victims of the Big Bad White Cis-Hetero Patriarchy.
    The other thing the manifesto appears to show — at least, can be implied from the limited amount that’s been leaked — is that just like previous school shooters, she put a lot of thought into her attack. It was not simply premeditated; it was thoroughly planned, with a high level of detail. She wasn’t going to be stopped — not by friends/family, not by “gun control” laws, not by school security — until ballistically neutralized, whether externally- or self-inflicted.
    But the Left can’t allow that to enter the public discourse; it completely undermines multiple threads of their agenda.

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