The local Ollie’s has these five for a dollar.

I’m pretty sure they were worthless against covid-19.

But at that price they’re great for jobs in the shop.

Going under the car.

Using my Dremel or die grinder.


Times when a full ANSI face shield isn’t necessary but I don’t want to get dripped on or hit in the face with sparks.

These are not impact rated.  I use them when I don’t need impact protection but want to keep my face clean.

Think oil drips under the car or paint splatter when using the paint roller..

And I do wear a proper set of Z87+ glasses under them.

These fill a gap between just using eye protection and a full impact rated face shield which is expensive.

If I am using my angle grinder I’ll use a real ANSI face shield.

They also benefit by keeping my expensive safety glasses from getting scratched.

The advantage is that when they get chewed up I don’t feel bad throwing them out.  This is a low cost option for keeping your face clean.

Check out your local discount store and see if you can find them on clearance.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Covid face shields I’ve found a use for”
  1. Are they made of something shock resistant (like lexan) or something that will shatter into shards when hit? If the latter, you’d have to be careful not to use it in any situations where such impact is possible.

    1. They are not impact resistant.

      I don’t use them for when I need a proper face shield. But to stop oil dripping onto my face under the car or to keep saw dust from my belt sander off my face they work great.

      They fill a gap between just safety glasses and full AISI face shields which are expensive.

      Great to keep my face clean when I don’t require impact protection.

  2. I’ve got a mask like that. I used to use it when I’d cast bullets, just in case.

    Of course it’s worthless for “teh covids!”.

  3. Thank you J.Kb for making it clear that you weren’t using it for impact protection. I was already on my way to the comments section when I got to the clarification.

    I’ve spent 3 days in the ER with my son for IV antibiotics and a couple of trips to the local doctor for with my lady. These are all the rage with them their Medical types.

    The nurses and such (the receptionist behind a full pane of glass with just a cut out for papers, which was only opened long enough to pass papers) were all double masked, looked like an N95 under a surgical mask. The nurses coming in contact with my son wore these over their double masks. The doctor that did the minor surgery on my lady wore one of these over his surgical mask.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern in regards to the wearing of masks. The more likely a person is to be a consumer of CNN the more likely they are to be using double and triple masks and face shields and all the rest.

    Everybody else around here wears a mask when forced OR when there is actual cause.

    1. I remember face shields in certain medical settings long before the CCP brought us their virus. The scenario there is risk of being sprayed by any patient’s bodily fluids, which might carry actually dangerous infectious material (like HIV).

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