There is no health reason for this.

This is just callus cruelty for the sake of cruelty.

Just like Australia shooting dogs.

The point is to make people suffer because you have the power to do that.

We are run by the 10% of people in the Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram Electric Shock Experiment that ramped up cruelty against the innocent because they could.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “COVID restrictions are about bureaucrats enforcing cruelty”
  1. The current narrative is it’s all the fault of the ignorant, redneck MAGA Trump supporters who refuse to get vaccinated. Once they do (or are all put into camps) then unicorns will once again prance down the street dropping gumdrops for everyone.

  2. Something similar happened to me too. Vaccination was not widespread yet due to limited supply. Wife had an episode of false labor (i.e. think painful contractions, but no baby drop). We book it to OB ward, go inside wearing masks, and I have to drop her off at the door of the ward. I can’t go in with her (patients only sir!) despite being in enough pain to warrant IV morphine. I had wait in car for about 5 hours while it was 10 F outside.

    Mind you I was in the OB delivery room with her not even a month later and still not fully vaxxed.

    I swear this virus mentally broke some people. Maybe they were always broken and the opportunity to treat their neuroticism as a virtue was too good to pass up.

  3. It would truly break my heart if someone was to wait in the parking lot for the Karen in the hospital/store/restaurant/stadium who won’t let folks in because…reasons.

    I mean a 12 dollar an hour security guard is going to walk them out to the car every day. In the rain. Right?

    Jussayi .

  4. I had to bring my senile demented Mother to the ER for falls and fainting three to four times since COVID hit. I was able to escort her and stay with her each time.

    I just tol them she has Alzheimers, and will be very disoriented. The one time someone balked, I told them they are responsible if she becomes agitiated, “Do you want to be liable if she hurts herself or others?”

    Encourage your wife or kids to say, “I need Husband/Dad with me!” and then begin throwing a fit if they persist.

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