He who rules the seas rules the world.

We once had a navy that could fight two wars in two oceans on opposite sides of the world, simultaneously.

Now we have a navy in which a ship is lost as it burns to the keel in an American port because sailors on bord has insufficient fire fighting training.

What did the Navy do?

They got a drag queen sailor to be a digital ambassador.

How stunning and brave.

Not the kind if bravery that makes men run tnto the hold of a ship to put out a fire.

I wonder if the Navy will give out medals for bravely cross dressing?

Did this work?


Is this the Navy’s Dylan Mulvaney moment? Drag performer Harpy Daniels is Navy’s new ‘digital ambassador’ in bid to boost recruitment that’s set to fall short by 8,000

We lost control of the world’s oceans.

The only thing our Navy will do is provide comfort transwomen to our enemies.


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By J. Kb

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