It’s time to update HK. BECAUSE YOU SUCK. AND WE HATE YOU.


That was in response to this Miller ad.


Look, I hate gun bunnies too.  I have been absolutely consistent on my visceral hatred for influencer culture.  The bunny culture being the worst of that trend.

I watched as the industry fucked over lots of people would giving free guns and ammo to every Instagram model who couldn’t shoot for shit but squeezed off rounds in a sports bra and painted on yoga pants.  You dedicated your life to the shooting sports for a fuck you, while some chick who covers her nipples with a black rifle gets a free case of ammo.  Yeah, fuck that noise with a garden hose.

But, holy fucking shit, just keep your mouth shut.  You can disavow gun bunnies without the moralistic lecture.

At least H&K realized their marketing person fucked up and went rogue.


Civilian sales are not H&K’s bread and butter, but still, insultinh your customers is a bad business model.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Crack open a Bud Light for you, Ms. H&K marketing manager”
  1. ALL of this shiite has soured me on the whole “gun culture “…. I will only deal with a select few people.. everything is so out of control its sad.

    1. Speaking from experience, I’ll say that the gun industry and gun culture have burned a lot of people who have taken a line on it all similar to yours.
      I left the industry several years ago and still get contacted by headhunters on occasion. A few headhunters let it slip that quite a few people in positions like mine had left the industry with no interest in returning.

  2. No. I’m pretty sure the civilian market is where the money is for HK USA.
    Who even uses HK pistols as duty weapons anymore? The market is saturated with models and makers and HK is expensive compared to all other companies.

    They still think you suck und they hate you.

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