For those of you who don’t know who Larry Wilmore is, he was the host of The Nightly Show, which was the terrible The Daily Show spinoff that got canceled after two seasons.

He was somewhere doing the kind of something that failed comedians and D-list celebrities do to keep getting a paycheck when he decided to voice his stupid opinions on guns.

There is a very detailed argument to be made why guns, regardless of the rate of fire, are not weapons of mass destruction.

Simply put, a gun is not an indiscriminate weapon.  It knows it may seem so to the non-gun person when somebody prays and sprays.  But guns are aimed devices, as opposed to explosives where you just assume everything within the blast radius is dead or destroyed.

But I really don’t want to dig into the minutia of that.

My concern is that he has decided that the desire to own an assault weapon (I don’t want to get into why an AR-15 is not an assault weapon, let them own the terminology, it doesn’t change the facts) is prima facie evidence that you shouldn’t be allowed to have one.

This is the anti-gun version of “Why do you want to see a warrant?  If you have nothing to hide why don’t you consent to a search?”

The Court decided long ago that refusing to consent to a search is not sufficient grounds for a search.

The desire to exercise a Right the Left disagrees with isn’t grounds for removal of that right.

We’ve seen this already where the Left has pushed the idea that the only people interested in free speech are bigots who want to say offensive things.  There have been articles published on how free speech advances white supremacy.

Of course, Wilmore is wrong.  There are many legitimate reasons to own these kinds of weapons that doesn’t make you an unhinged person with a desire to commit a mass shooting.  Least of all is to defend against a government that has decided that your desire to speak freely is evidence that you want to incite violence, your desire for privacy is evidence you have something to hide, and your desire to not to be tortured and forced to testify against yourself is an admission of guilt.

Lastly, about that part where he says that he shouldn’t have a gun that can kill 9 people and injure 20 in 30 seconds because you are not protecting yourself with that…

I wonder how a black man in Alabama during the heyday of the Klan would have felt about having an AR-15 with a 100 round drum mag when a group of two dozen men in white hoods showed up with some rope and a burning cross.

Or your house in 2020 when a bunch of Antifa show up on your lawn with Molotov cocktails because your Democrat Congressman posted your name, address, and $500 donation to the Trump 2020 campaign on his Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t tell me that weapons like that only belong on the battlefield.  Sometimes the battlefield can be your front lawn.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Crappy comedian reminds you why you shouldn’t turn in your guns”
  1. Yeah … I didn’t know who he is and really don’t care. If you can’t (try to) make me laugh without using profanity, raunchy sexual innuendos, or bitter partisan politics, I’m just not interested.

    Unfortunately that style of “comedy” has apparently taken over the industry. And lets not get started re “comedy” TV shows.

    I miss the style of Bill Cosby’s older stuff. (Piiiiiipes!)

  2. Every time there is an incident these brave warriors come out in droves to loudly proclaim they are gonna come and rip all We the Peoples guns outta our hands and kick our ass. Then as the news cycle fades into something else they fade away. Meanwhile we buy ammo and train. Sometimes they figure out that We are Many…..

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