Netflix has done some good movies.

I just finished Extinction and it pissed me off.

Here is the trailer:

Spoiler alert.

Michael Pena and his family, all the victims of the invasion are androids that kicked the human race off of Earth 50 years before then had their memories wiped.

The humans return from the colonies they have been banished to on Mars to try and take back Earth.

This is The Matrix or Terminator but where they try to make the human killing AI the good guys by making them look like humans instead of killer robots.

There is supposed to be some sort of immigrant parallel message or some shit because in an expository flashback were AI have taken over human jobs and people hate “synths.”

This idea doesn’t hold up to rational scrutiny because they are AI.  It is well established in sci-fi and people who think about technology how bad it would be to crate AI that is capable of rebelling against humanity because it is stronger, more durable, and ultimately thinks it’s superior.

I never use the term “race traitor” because of the ugly history of that phrase, but in this case, that is exactly why this movie pissed me off.

It is a race traitor, and the race it betrays is the whole of humanity.  The humans are faceless (literally) monsters who are just torturing a poor family of robots.  That happened to banish humanity to Mars after a near genocidal war 50 years before… but that’s glossed over.

This movie clearly came from the mind of a “human beings are a cancer on the planet” type of person.

If you want to watch a sci-fi movie with a worse message than Elysium, this is for you.  Everybody else can avoid it.

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By J. Kb

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