I don’t know if you have seen this video yet. If you have not, beware it will raise your blood pressure, cause you to cuss. and throw stuff at the screen:

Now, a lib/prog will wax(bull) philosophically about the social and economic conditions and how is the fault of our society and they are just acting out their frustrations, blah blah, etc.  But there is one section of the video that I want to bring up:

abusive students

You know Junior Thug found this hilarious. The sentiment got reinforced by the general merriment and support by his fellow brigands. And Junior Thug will  make the mistake and believe what works in the Halls of Academia can be taken outside to the real world.

And it will come to pass that he will pull a similar stunt to somebody in the street. Instead of a student desk, maybe is a cinder block or maybe he’ll grab a piece of rebar or other dangerous object and approach that somebody in a way that any normal human being will perceive as threatening.

And Junior Thug will end his days on this planet, bleeding in some street corner, chest full of bullet holes for committing an assault with a deadly weapon. The usual outcry will ensue: He was a good boy, never got in trouble and the family does not know what happened. There will be claims of him being in dean’s list, church goer, helped old ladies cross the street and rescued cats from trees.

The political savvy community activists and faux men of the cloth will get involved, calling upon the press to fight for the injustice committed. They will run with pictures of the “angel” when he was a score younger, smiling and with prominent cheeks as he played inside a Chuck-e-Cheese. Pressure will be exercised on the local prosecutor to examine the case and send his “killer” to the gas chamber without due process, ironically in the name of Justice.

The “killer” will be examined with a depth that might have come handy to vet a presidential candidate sporting a “D” next to his name. Every aspect of his life will be analyzed, every fault augmented to paroxysm and if there is nothing there to paint him as a murderous bastard, they will make it up and double down on the Narrative knowing they can get away with it.

And blame will also be assigned in buckets to everybody but the responsible parties. Nobody will step in front of the cameras and say “Well, frigging Junior Thug was a thug and knew what he was doing was wrong. The damn parents should have done their jobs and the damn school district should have put his sorry ass in jail long before this had to happen.”

Maybe there will be a trial, maybe there won’t be if evidence surfaces that is so overwhelming as to contradict the Narrative…but even so, I would not bet on it. So another life will be ruined, even if the verdict is in his favor because it is easier to blame one solitary person than admit a whole system is a failure.

And alone in her apartment or house, a frail teacher will be watching all these shenanigans on TV and sport an un-Christian thought: “He had it coming.”

Note: The original video I used and got the screen caps from was posted in Youtube who excised it under the excuse of being against their policy showing of bullying and abuse. The beauty of a Memory Hole. 

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Creating customers for the morgue.”
  1. Talk about timing. That is exactly what is happening in peaceful Chicago, a neredowell attempted to hold up a store with what turned out to be a toy gun and ended up at room temperature care of a permit holder who was in the store. And of course out come the photo of mom giving som a bible etc. and the usual misconceptions about defensive firearms use,

    “Something doesn’t seem right,” said Igbinosa Oronsaye, whose mother married Gildersleeve three years ago. “He didn’t deserve to get shot multiple times.”

    Uh, yes he did. Look at the bible photo, this is a BIG guy.

    “They should be able to wound first, kill next. He didn’t deserve to get shot multiple times.”

    “The shooter should be arrested and tried for murder,” one wrote. “A conceal carry doesn’t give you the right to act all Wyatt Earp. He wasn’t in danger.”

    Well, yes he was, As the old combat maxim goes, if your opponent is in range, then so are you.


    And then we get to delve into the old vigilante justice stereotype. Please make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure meds before you read this one,

    “Such acts of vigilantism, where bystanders feel compelled to use their guns to stop crimes in progress, raises the question: Are people justified in taking justice into their own hands when their personal lives are not threatened? It’s a particularly prescient question as several states consider lifting the requirement for gun owners to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.”


  2. It occurs to me that this is why some people don’t want teachers to carry weapons. They don’t want to deal with any potential for an incident of a teacher attempting to defend herself from a student.

  3. “it appears as if Gildersleeve tried to turn his life around”

    That whole “turning his life around” seems to be fatal when one is a thug. Good for the shooter for following his training and hitting center mass. As for the liberal idiot pisswits decrying that the thug died, we don’t shoot to kill, we shoot to stop the threat. Death is a by-product of stopping said threat.

    Now that Illinois has shall issue carry, maybe the thugs should rethink their target selection technique.

  4. Brandishing a school desk at a teacher half his size, and two other students had to hold him back. Sure looks like a case of attempted murder to me.

    He was even telling them to turn the camera off. Clearly didn’t want evidence of what he was trying to do.

  5. There was a comedian who did a bit on Comedy Central about being black (yes, I’m going there) that bothered me. I found the transcript of the routine online.

    “As long as you can still scare white people you’re not a sell-out. You know what I’m saying. Just got to punk a white dude every now and then. [Laughter] you know what I mean? Look, you punk a white dude you go get your ghetto pass stamp you’re good for another two years.”


    To him, being black was the ability to intimidate white people. Of course I know he’s not speaking for all black people. And I’m not speaking for all white people. But the line between intimidation and threatening is a very narrow one. Cross that line and you are liable to get shot by police or someone with a CCW.

    I know this was standup, but there is always some truth in humor. I worry for this comedian’s interpretation of black culture as it is both uncivilized and on a crash course to a violent end with a white person who responds to the threat of violence with force.

    1. Tom Wolfe’s “Mau Mauing the Flack Catchers” is a pretty good look at the origin of this practice back in the late sixties.

  6. My black, college professor, PhD, ex-wife used to say, “My people will never get anywhere.” She was referring to those of her people like this punk and those who think his antics should be tolerated.

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