Police: Livery driver beat man walking to synagogue in Brooklyn

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (WABC) — Police say a livery driver beat a 62-year-old man as he walked to synagogue on Sunday morning in Brooklyn.

Physically and emotionally scarred, Lipa Schwartz described the frightening moment he was attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the street in Borough Park.

“All of a sudden, ‘boom,'” he said. “I tried to protect myself, run away. I fell. He come again on me.”

Schwartz was on his way to service, which he attends every day, when he said the driver jumped out of his cab and started attacking him. The savage beating happened on 13th Avenue by 46th Street. The victim’s holy items were scattered on the ground.

Most mainstream news sites are reporting this as road rage, but the police have included hate crime charges.  The driver is from Pakistan and there is evidence that the motivation was anti-Semitism.

Schwartz was walking to synagogue when Afzal stopped his car, ran toward him and started to beat him, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Schwartz said that his attacker spoke another language, but he recognized “Allah” and “Israel,” NBC reported.

Here is cellphone video of the attack.

Look at all those tough New Yorkers just watching an elderly man get beaten in a city street while they sit in their cars and do nothing.

I bet every one of them has demonstrated how good of a person they are by Tweeting some activist hashtag.

And people wonder why I carry and don’t live in places where I can’t.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Crown Heights meets Kitty Genovese”
  1. “The driver is from Pakistan and there is evidence that the motivation was anti-Semitism.”

    ‘evidence’ they say? Cue Captain Renault.

    “And people wonder why I carry and don’t live in places where I can’t.”

    That’s the ticket.

    I’m 62 myself and, due to arthritis and Meniere’s syndrome, use a cane. A nice heavy solid oak cane. It goes anywhere even into ‘sterile’ security areas where – having to pass through metal detectors, or possible search – are the places I am forced to disarm.

  2. Not to worry, it was most likely a right-wing white supremacist, not an adherent of the “Religion of Peace.” /sarc off

  3. Or people are tweeting how woke they are as they supported an anti-zionist demonstration by letting a Moslem assault a Jew.

  4. Revolting display.

    NYC , where the harmless, law abiding innocent are disarmed by the Power of the Law, and the General Public are socialized to think and behave like sheep. They are afraid of being hurt; and deprived of tools for defense , they huddle shamelessly without embarrassment waiting for their hired State Agent to do what, in other times and places, MEN undertook – to aid a neighbor in distress.

    It’s a shame this event did not happen in Dallas, on the street leading to Tifaret Israel. The brave “Jihadi-against -old-men” would have been dispatched to his Just reward to search fruitlessly for his 72 painted syphilitic harridans. The old man could continue on his way.

    I avoid NYC .

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