CSGV doing what they do best.
CSGV Freakoutnation

Don’t forget, they went “heavily armed.”  And that comes straight from the article in FreakOutNation.com.

A couple of weeks ago, Open Carry Texas hatched a plot: a “secret mission.”As it turns out, the ‘mission’ was C. J., along with a group of armed individuals, strolling around the UT campus Tuesday afternoon to engage with students and conduct bizarre exercises with them.On Facebook, he describes in detail how he had them all say out loud “BOOM BOOM BOOM” in 15 second intervals for 150 seconds to simulate a classroom shooting.

Source: Armed Open Carry Group Goes To Texas Campus To Conduct Bizarre Shooting Drills | FreakOutNation

And they have the screen captures to prove it!

freakoutnation 3

Or do they? I went to the OCT Facebook page, found the thread pictured above, expanded it and some things were immediately noticeable: There were no photographs attached. The main text was the same (It was modified later with an update at top, but the rest remains the same) and not even the comments matched. How could this be?


I checked the photo folder of OCT and those pics were not in the month of October or September or even 2015. Using an image search engine, I was able to find references of when they might have been originally posted..and found them:

freakoutnation 1a

freakoutnation 2

So, FreakOutNation used photographs from 2012 and 2014, photoshopped (badly) some text to them in order to apparently falsely illustrate something that happened on October 27, 2015.

I mentioned at the beginning of this year (I think) that the Opposition was getting desperate because they were losing and to expect them to dial up their efforts including going off the rails. I think in the case of CSGV and some in the caboose area, they are not only way off the tracks but already downhill in the Highway of Stupidity.

Hey guys! Keep doing that stuff. We love expose you for the lying scum you are.

That is why we win.

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