By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “CSGV Gives Romantic Advice and It gets spanked.”
  1. Responsible adults don’t “snap”, in the sense of that stupid movie “Falling Down” that Hollywood and the Left loved so much.

    But then, I imagine the nobody at CSGV, and certainly nobody on their FB page, knows any responsible adults.

    1. the CSGV are just concerned that we’ll turn out to be Brian Mills when they kidnap our daughters. That’s the only kind of “snap” that’s likely to happen in this case, really.

      Also, I choose to pretend that the idiot complaining about “forearm” ownership typed exactly what he meant.

  2. Men, husbands, fathers, are the bedrock on which civilization was, is, and will always be built. Men are providers, protectors, and defenders. It was men who first built shelters and stood guard at the walls to protect the women and children on the inside from predators and foe alike. It was men who risked mutilation and death to hunt for food and keep the lions and jackals away from the kill. It was men who worked the fields, drained the bogs, and toiled in the baking sun and driving rain to make crops grow. Without men to labor all day and guard all night, civilization would not have had the ability to take root and grow. The positive characteristics of society are its virtues, a word that comes from the Latin Vir – meaning male hero. And to this day, it is the countries where men do not uphold the duties of men and Virtues of civilization, there is not civilization, just starvation and barbarism.

    In my experience, it is more often men who own guns – conservative (in the classical sense) men – who still uphold the male duties of provider, protector, and defender. Owning a gun being part of being a protector and defender. They are the men who put the needs of the family and children first. They are the men who have bore the responsibility of sacrifice for others. (Not all sacrifice being the sacrifice of life. When a man says “I really want a new TV/fishing rod/sports car/etc” but makes buys a crib or makes a mortgage payment for a family house, that is a sacrifice of personal happiness for family need.) The CSGV knew when they meant when they warned against men with guns. They were attacking the institution of men, the strength of men, the duties of men. It may not have been a conscience act, but it falls in line with the Liberal Culture’s elevation of the beta male.

  3. Actually, I’m in full agreement and behind the CSGV post 100%. As a gun owner, I WANT any prospective young lady I’m dating to self-sort like this, so I can weed the stupid and shrill ones out.
    “Are you one of those icky gun people?”
    “Sure am, honey. Waiter! Sarah Brady here gets the check.”

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