If nothing, the fellows at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence  are predictable:
CSGV Limatunes

And… comments!

Carolyn Bertolino I saw that. Psycho.
wrong movie
Steve Needham I sometimes feel like I went to sleep on one planet and woke up on another.
Ceti Alpah 5 called, go home.
Helen Witowski OMG!! I never thought i would live to see Humanity sink into total stupidity!!
You don’t check your mirror often, do you?
Sean Lohman Detisch Great combination! Wonder how many accidental discharges will occur!
Zero, next?
Elisa Norio Crminal minds
Good TV show!
Laura Kline The blood of dead and wounded parents and children will be on her hands.
Melodramatic much?
Holly Guinan Too stupid to contribute to the gene pool; problem about to be solved!
Well how cute! Wishing on a kid’s death! Humanitarian award coming up.
Deborah Nelson Geez. Iowa has definitely become another Texas.
Except during College Football season.
Sheila Anne I can only hope the class was poorly attended….. Fingers crossed for common sense!
Confirmation that she (and probably none of them) did not even bother to read the article.
Keith Funk Birth ’em and kill ’em…. welcome to the radical right wing…..
Why are Gun Control activists so violent?

Clarence Wright

Clarence Wright's photo.

Looking good there Clarence!

Nancy Peluso Stupid, ignorant woman will probably end up shooting her baby. Good grief, sterilize her so she will not reproduce again.
Re-reading The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour?
Pat Shafer How stupid are people getting? Why does she need a gun strapped to her back? This is just ridiculous!!!
I am pretty sure she carries at the 3-4 O’Clock position.
Bob King Gotta make sure that the gun is within reach for the kid too, just in case mom has her hands in the air while being robbed or raped.
Bob, you really don’t wanna go there with this particular Mom. And how is NOT having a gun help avoiding a rape or robbery?
Toni Summers Hargis I’d rather this than nothing at all. She’s saying she’s not encouraging mothers to carry guns but because more and more are carrying anyway, and not doing it safely, she is trying to teach them gun safety. Yes it’s awful that anyone should carry a gun next to a child but it happens and she’s trying ti mitigate the potential for injuries.
Voice of reason? BAN HER!
Bev Veals I’m sorry, but is there a certain look from inbreeding? Most of these guys look alike.
And the obligatory redneck joke makes its appearance. 
Carole North Living Will someone please plain to me what happens when an attacker takes the gun/baby away from the mom.
Not all women are stupid mental weaklings like you.
Joan Canganelli Dumb Amosexuals!!
I am still trying to figure out WTF that means.

So basically, if you have a gun, train or teach, you are crazy, unfit to be a mother, you are a sub-human and you should be either dead or at least sterilized.  If anything, these people are one of the reasons why we own and carry, why we fight for the Second Amendment.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “CSGV now joins the Limatunes “Bashing.””
  1. “Humanitarian award coming up.”

    Given she was wishing for the death of a young child, I wouldn’t put it past her to be hoping to see the baby again in the form of lunch.

  2. My commentary at Backwoods Engineer has been updated to link to this magnificent gallery of stupidity (theirs, not yours, clever friend Miguel; you are doing yeoman service to the cause). These hoplophobes really should see a psychiatrist or counselor.

  3. So much fear, hatred, and ignorance on the subject displayed by their comments.

    One reality check though…don’t they want to at least entertain the notion that this depicted mother is a decent person who wants to protect herself and her child and is responsible? Their comments all presuppose that she has none of those attributes because…well…GUN!

    1. No, they won’t entertain it. In their minds, in any situation, the GUN is the unsafe part.

      Not the criminal. Not the rapist. Not the murderer. The GUN.

      In their minds, if she were a decent person, she wouldn’t own guns. If she wants to protect herself and her child, she won’t own or touch, let alone carry, a gun. If she were responsible, she’d get rid of all her guns.

      Remember, these are the same people who think that a gun in a home with kids is an accident waiting to happen, and that educating the kids on gun safety is both abhorrent and unnecessary, or that if there MUST be a gun in the home, that it be rendered inoperable while there are kids around (i.e. all the time). IOW, that “kid-safe guns” are a better solution than “gun-safe kids”. (Replace “gun” with “pool” and see how easy that is.)

      Also remember that these are the same people who believe — really and truly believe — that a woman who is raped and murdered and her child kidnapped and sold into lifelong sexual slavery (probably a short life, that) is morally superior to the same woman defending herself and her child with a gun.

  4. Hell, I could have used that class when I was a new dad. I wore my kid a lot, and had to figure out where roscoe went all by myself. (Fanny packs draw zero attention when you’re wearing a kid, btw, and don’t interfere with the Baby Bjorn straps.)

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