CSGV shows their respect for human life and understanding of the law. 

Jacksonville, Fl — The Jacksonville gun advocate who was shot in the back by her four-year-old son will likely avoid criminal prosecution.The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office had recommended a misdemeanor charge against 31-year-old Jamie Gilt. Investigators say she was driving in Putnam County with her gun in the front seat, but it slid to the back, where her son was able to grab it and shoot. Deputies had recommended a charge of unsafe storage of a firearm.

The State Attorney’s Office now confirms Gilt has entered in to a Deferred Prosecution Agreement for that charge, which will allow her to avoid adjudication as long as the terms of the agreement are completed.

The agreement says Gilt has to complete a gun safety course, prove installation of a new mounted holster in her vehicle, prove safe storage in her home, and give ten speeches relating to the incident and the need to safely secure firearms. The agreement says she has 90 days to complete these terms from when the agreement was filed, May 2nd. If she complies, the charge will be dismissed.

Source: Jacksonville gun advocate shot by son ordered to complete gun… | www.wokv.com

First, Florida statutes 790.174 does cover unsafe storage and it is a misdemeanor of the second degree. The penalty would have been a maximum of $500 and sixty days in jail. No prison time. And yes, she does keep her guns and CWP.

I do believe the deal between the State and Ms. Gilt serves a better purpose than just throwing her in jail.  But, of course that does not sit well with our friends at CSGV who wanted a prison term…or her death.

CSGV Jamie Gilt

They are an enchanting collection of forgiving and understanding souls, ain’t them? I think you could find more compassion at roman gladiator fights.


8 Replies to “CSGV shows their respect for human life and understanding of the law. ”

  1. Why am I not surprised? Not by their not knowing the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony (never mind not having a conviction on either), nor their desire to have someone die.

  2. These are the same people who condemn the NRA and gun manufacturers every time there’s a mass shooting. They have no real interest in deterring or punishing crime. They are piling on this woman merely because of her views on gun ownership, and for no other reason.

  3. “…prove installation of a new mounted holster in her vehicle”

    In Washington State, one cannot have a loaded firearm in a car that is not on one’s person. (This applies to concealed carry permit holders too.) Know your firearms laws before installing such a holster. (I wonder if this law has ever been used to prosecute a female permit holder? Women often carry in a purse, which is not on their persons when they’re driving. There is no allowance for this in the law, and probably couldn’t be because that would cause the law to treat citizens differently based on sex, a strict no-no. I have not researched it, but maybe this law was passed when concealed carriers were nearly exclusively male.)

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