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This perverted ideology claims (wrongly) that the Second Amendment provides individuals with a right to shoot and kill government officials when they personally sense “tyranny.” To honor the victims of this tragedy, we must speak out against it.

Leave it to the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence  to go stupid and try to keep playing the “gun owners are a violent dangerous bunch” card.

Now, how violent are we? Let’s talk within the 20 year frame since the bombing of the Murrah Building. We have Senator Barbara Boxer retiring from politics, or at least the Senate. So will Senator Carolyn McCarthy who got elected on a gun control platform. Senator Dianne Feinstein may be considering retirement herself. We have still Chuck Schummer kicking around. We are talking about the biggest scum buckets for gun control, sworn enemies of anybody who was in favor of the Second Amendment, so basically and according to Ladd, they are the number one targets…

And they are still breathing.

And to extend the argument: Ladd Everitt, Josh Sugarman, Joshua Horwitz, Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, Michael K. Beard, Elliot Fineman, etc

They are also breathing fine and living their lives normally.

In fact, the only deaths in the Gun Control field were of Jim and Sarah Brady of natural causes.

But yet, CSGV and all of the other groups keep beating the drum that we are violent, unstable killers and can snap at any second. Well, since the Oklahoma City Bombing, there had been 631.163.040 seconds and none of our “enemies” has been killed or even hurt.

For a group that can “snap just like that” our rubber band seems to be darn good and durable.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “CSGV, The Oklahoma City Bombing and Gun Rights.”
  1. So during that time, how many pro-gun individuals were murdered by anti-gun activists?(At least one, that black guy who was SWATted in Wal-Mart a couple of months ago, plus the poor woman who died incidentally)

    How many pro-gun individuals have been assaulted by anti-gun activists?

  2. One of your best pieces, IMO. As someone said (paraphrasing): “If 2A supporters are as violent as anti-gunners claim, why are there still anti-gunners?”

    1. When you look at mass murder perps it shows a long list of liberals, socialists and statists. It’s like a calling for leftists to go out and cause an event that will wake the masses to rise up, but then no one follows their lunacy err except for csgv.

  3. It’s a lot more than “personally sense tyranny” to justify taking up arms against the government.

    However, that is specifically why the Second Amendment exists for these historically illiterate simpletons. That is exactly how we got the United States into existence from the former Great Britain. We rebelled (i.e. took up arms) against a tyrannical government and established a more just and representative form of government.

    The Declaration of Independence is not null and void. It is very much alive and can be invoked if the provocation is substantial enough.

    The Founding Fathers would tell CSGV that they are the ones perverting their clear instructions about the role of force to oppose oppression.

    So, I have one simple question for CSGV. Is it ever acceptable for the citizens of the United States to take up arms to replace the government and that this would entail shooting evil representatives?
    (if that is too hard, how about, do they have a red line that cannot be crossed or they will fight?)

    If yes, then they confirm that the Second Amendment does serve a unique purpose.

    If no, then they are merely subjects or slaves and they should not complain too loudly if they are ever herded into box cars for orderly disposal in a concentration camp.

    1. ” Is it ever acceptable for the citizens of the United States to take up arms to replace the government and that this would entail shooting evil representatives?”

      They have already said no. They believe that the courts will give us our answers, even as they are loading people in boxcars. They believe that there is never a reason to take up arms. When it goes south, I wish them luck with that whole suing the government for their rights thing. Maybe they will get lucky and be in a boxcar with a lawyer.

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