In one of Miguel’s posts, yesterday, one of the lines in that feminist meme was “sex workers get one free kill.”

One of the trends I am seeing on the left is the normalization of prostitution, now deemed “sex work.”

One of the thought terminating cliches associated with this is “sex work is real work.”

A quick internet search shows other articles from Leftist sources like:

So You’re Dating a Sex Worker? Here’s What Not to Do

I’m a Sex Worker Who Is Sick Of Female Misogyny

A Feminist’s Argument On How Sex Work Can Benefit Women

The only Leftist article I saw against sex work, and only sort of, was one from The Nation.

Why Do So Many Leftists Want Sex Work to Be the New Normal?
Yes, let’s erase stigma. But feminists, please: let’s not forget to talk about male privilege.

The criticism wasn’t against prostitution but against the male privilege associated with men buying access to women’s bodies.  Seriously.

Amnesty International has even pushed for sex workers rights as one of thier agenda items.  Forget eliminating torture in North Korea, they want street walking to be legal in the Western World.


Rampant prostitution is a sign that your society is barely holding on to civilization.

The portrayals of prostitutes from the Wild West was not entirely wrong.  Madams and prostitutes were usually the first women to settle in the mining towns of the frontier.  Today, places like the oil fields of the Dakotas or the fishing ports of the Pacific Northwest experience the same thing, where lots of single men doing hard work, with cash to burn attract pimps and prostitutes to separate these men from their money.  Associated with this is lawlessness and something far removed form a stable, middle class society.

Prostitution is, and rightly so, associated with poverty and misery.  It is many time the last way of making money for women with no other social support.  This could by anywhere from drug addicted women of poor areas of the United States to the slums of the developing world.

It’s not so much that prostitution makes places bad, as much that prostitution flourishes in the bad places, which creates a negative feedback loop.

When Giuliani cleaned up New York, part of his broken windows policing was targeting sex work in the city.  Everywhere from street walking to the peep shows and smut shops that served as fronts for prostitution.

One thing that psychology understands is that casual sex is bad for your mental health.   People with more casual hookups are less fulfilled and generally more unhappy than monogamous couples.

Prostitution takes that and ramps it up out of control.

Miguel as got me thinking about things with the question cui bono?

What is the purpose of this Lefty normalization of prostitution as “sex work.”

All I can think is that misery loves company and the Left is actively out to destroy society.

I can’t imagine there are a lot of Lefty Feminists out there who would look at their daughters and say “when you go to college, don’t get a job at Starbucks, making minimum wage for some corporation owned by a billionaire, you can make more money being a whore.”

Because that is where I think this is going, making young women see being prostitutes as no different than being a barista or a waitress, just another service industry job.

What is the goal here, if anything other than to hasten the downfall of civil society?

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Cui bono with sex work”
  1. My guess on the possible ‘good’ to come out of normalizing sex work would be the elimination of social conditioning of ‘right and wrong’ values in modern society. They can’t mainstream misery and societal suffering if people know it is bad and are willing to act against it, and they can’t mainstream socialism without its attendant suffering and deprivation, therefore they have to condition the people to accept a level of shared suffering before they can move on breaking us down properly.

    Remember, their definition of ‘good’ is that all persons in Existence pay for the sin of being born and living, therefore they have to bring America low to prove they are the morally superior overlords. It is a rather self-destructive form of nihilism they practice, even if they don’t actively preach it out in the open.

  2. […] J. Kb’s post about who benefits from the sex works, is a reminder that there are indeed people benefiting from Prostitution and just because of the basest of needs: Greed. If you look at Europe where Prostitution is either not a crime anymore or the laws are not being enforced (just like with drugs) you would have to buy into the narrative that the women in the Sex Trade are doing it so voluntarily and making a profit for it. […]

  3. There was a story out of Germany a while back, maybe even 10 years ago, where a woman lost her unemployment benefits because she refused to interview for a position at a legal brothel. The politician in the story justified it by saying “if it’s legal, then of course it’s moral as well.”

  4. Why do the leftists want to normalize sex work?
    Same reason they want to normalize drugs.

    The vices are a method for the government to control the population. A stoned/addicted population will not fight back against tyranny, just as long as the highs keep coming. Casual, meaningless sex is no different than cheap booze/pot/pills.

    Keep the masses addicted, and you remain in control.

  5. JKB,
    Your last line, “What is the goal here, if anything other than to hasten the downfall of civil society?”

    Spot on. Sad to say, but very true.

  6. I also see an overlap between the “creepy meetoo rapey dudes who are loud Male Feminist Allies” and this fetishization of sex workers.
    If all women are whores, then it’s okay to go all Weinstein on them.

  7. I think the idea like drug legalization is to bring into the light of day and reduce the risks associated with it by keeping it illegal and forcing it underground.

    Of course that is the idea and the idea and reality don’t always mix but if drugs or prostitution is safe and legal much like gambling alcohol etc there is significantly less motivation for someone to do it illegally.

    And of course like anything else in life there are those that will take advantage of and victimize others and do it illegally no matter what. Human nature.

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