In all, police seized more than 40 rifles, shotguns, a bin full of handguns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition from Jesse Weigand’s home on Demass Road in the town of Oswego during a search on Jan. 26, according to court documents.

According to the report, Jesse was a Jr. High School teacher. He was investigated to determine if he stole school property. It appears that the police got a search warrant and searched his home. They found stolen school furniture and tools.

The headlines though, are not about a school teacher stealing from the taxpayers. Nope, he had 91 high-capacity magazines, with 48 fully loaded.

Now I don’t know how many magazines I currently have. They are not inventoried. I don’t know how much ammunition I currently have on hand. I do know that there are at least 7 30rd magazines for each AR and each AK style rifle. There are at least 6 magazines for the Glock and another 6 for the PC-9. But there are a boat load of magazines in and around the house.

I don’t know how much ammo I have. I measure ammo in “full cans” And there are more than a few “full cans”.

This doesn’t count the 100s if not 1000s of stripper clips that have rounds on them, nor the enbloc clips that have rounds in them.

All in all. More than zero.

This guy is in trouble for nine “illegal” assault rifles and 91 “high-capacity” magazines.

Normally I would just say to a person like that “Great start! Keep up the good work.” The stealing from the school sort of means I won’t.

Years ago one of my friends contacted me. The local school was disposing of dozens of old computers. They were being sent to the dump. He asked if we wanted any of them and we took a dozen or so, refurbished them, upgraded them and gave them to people that didn’t have computers.

I’m pretty sure we would have been accused of “stealing” if the admin had found out. It is actually the case, in many locations, that taking stuff out of somebody’s dumpster/trash can is theft.

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5 thoughts on “Cultural Differences”
  1. Ah, that golden memory when you realize your collection is larger than the one being fretted about in the newspaper…

  2. IANAL, but isn’t the warrant intended to search ‘for specific things at specific locations’? If they came to my house looking for stolen bunnies off the easter farm but instead found a shit ton of perfectly legal arms, I would expect that I’d be left alone after that – presuming I don’t have a bunch of bunny skins hanging out back to dry. Why does this guy’s armory have to be put on blast?

    1. It fits the narrative… if you have MORE than ONE pistol ONE rifle and maybe ONE shotgun and 5 bullets each you are one of THOSE evil white supremacy “kill em all” gun nutz…. The press just luv to get the 3 foot wide paint brush out and paint you into a corner you will never be able to get yourself out of

  3. I’m asked all the time, “How many magazines is too many magazines in Florida?” I answer, “I have found no regulation as to the number of mags or the number of ammo rounds a person can possess. But if a person is involved with illegal activities or owns illegal items in their home, depending on the type of illegal engagements, a large number of magazines and ammo rounds can be a complicating factor.”
    For instance, illegal drugs and large numbers of firearms, mags and boxes of ammo all in the same home as the same time will be exploited when law enforcement is engaged. But if you’re instructing the law-abiding citizens of your community about the gun and self-defense laws of the state and own enough tools of the trade for those training scenarios, possessing large numbers of firearms, mags and ammo rounds is fine.
    In the great state of Florida, law-abiding citizens owning large numbers of firearm related ‘things’ is celebrated energetically by an overwhelming majority of the state’s citizens, law enforcement, and government—9 out of 67 counties do not celebrate as much. However, we have down here in the Gunshine State many northerners, “Snowbirds”, who happen to hail from liberal northeastern states, like MA and NY, and they are exceptionally paranoid and tend to voice the opinion that, “We need only enough to kill a deer or practice at the range, and anything more than that is suspect.”
    Response: I suspect you have a right to do exactly that, and I celebrate your responsible constraint.

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