Migrant caravan leader says 15,000 asylum-seekers could reach US border (nypost.com) .


Coming to a door near you.



And the problem will be those jurisdictions where the homeowner will end up in jail for pumping the interloper full of ballistic pills.

Just in case, I am making 2024 The Year Of Ammunition. The Moar Ammo the Moar Better.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichers in Europe show what we should soon deal with.”
    1. Yes. The “migrant caravan” means it’s an organized or semi-organized group traveling together up through Central America. They’ll arrive all at one time and all in one place.
      The 250k that crossed in November would have been dispersed along the border and been crossing in small groups over the course of the month. Very different scenarios.
      My question about these “migrant caravans” is, Who is funding and supplying it? 15,000 people is a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of fresh water to procure, a lot of beds to find (even if they sleep on the ground, that’s a LOT of ground), and — disgusting but vitally important — a s#!t-ton of … well … s#!t. On top of all the other logistical questions, how is 15,000 people’s worth of fecal matter being handled without making everyone sick?
      They are traveling through some of the most remote, inhospitable regions on the continent — everything from thick jungle to high desert — where resources are often scarce and needed by local residents. So how are they feeding, watering, bedding, and scooping s#!t for all those people? Who’s paying for that, because you know someone has got to be, right?

  1. I’m making 2024 the “Year of Actually Loading All That D*mned Ammo Into All Those Bloody Magazines I’ve Had Sitting Around.” Along with implementing some organization so Mrs B and I can actually make quick use of them in case of need.
    Re the video … Two thoughts. First, follow your instincts – not blaming the victim, but had the lady evacced the kid and buttoned up a.couple of seconds earlier, the bad guy would have had a door in his nose.
    Second thought … Dog was cute but basically useless. Our neighbor’s dog, for instance, is a great big marshmallow of a nastuff, mellow as all get out, right up until he thinks someone/thing is threatening his people.

  2. and this was prob in europe or the uk?? one big giant gun free zone full of meek idjits who think it won’t happen to them… are the “migrants” in the caravan all wearing biden shirts?? more and more I have nothing but utter contempt for democrats… sick twisted mentally ill America haters..

    1. one big giant gun free zone full of meek idjits who think it won’t happen to them
      And if/when it does, it’s their fault. And doubly their fault if they do anything to stop it and the migrant gets hurt in the process.
      The only thing worse than a “patients running the asylum” scenario, is a “violent criminals running the prison” one (at least psych patients have a decent chance of being non-violent). The U.K. — really most of Europe in general, but especially the U.K. — is getting scary-close to the latter description.

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