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A hard-to-find key to a locked classroom door was the ultimate reason police waited 77 minutes to enter a Robb Elementary classroom to kill a gunman, stopping the massacre that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers, the under-fire police chief said.

Oh, it was their inability to find a key that kept them from entering the room.

“Not a single responding officer ever hesitated, even for a moment, to put themselves at risk to save the children,” Arredondo told the newspaper. “We responded to the information that we had and had to adjust to whatever we faced.”

The door jamb was steel so they couldn’t just kick it in. I don’t know, I’ve seen a few police rams designed to do exactly that. And every fire and rescue vehicle I know carry those magic pry bars. I’ve seen fire fighters open doors in contests in less than 30 seconds.

The door to the classroom that Ramos was in had a steel jamb and could not be kicked in, Arredondo told the paper. He spent more than an hour in the hallway trying dozens of keys.

The school district police chief also tried to justify his decision not to take his police radios into the school with him, believing he needed both hands to take down the shooter instead of holding the devices that might give away his position if the gunman heard them. Arredondo also did not have a bullet resistant vest, he told the paper.

“Our objective was to save as many lives as we could, and the extraction of the students from the classrooms by all that were involved saved over 500 of our Uvalde students and teachers before we gained access to the shooter and eliminated the threat,” Arredondo said.

But Arredondo’s decision not to take his radios in with him meant he did not know that students were calling 911 from inside the two classrooms the gunman targeted, begging for police to stop him.

In Robert Heinlein’s book The Number of the Beast they endup in a world where justice is an eye for an eye. The example given is that of a man found guilty of hitting a pedestrian and leaving. The pedestrian survived.

The punishment? They tied the man to the road and drove over his legs, the same as the victim. They then stood around and waited while the guilty screamed and begged for 45 minutes. At the end of 45 minutes the rescue team went to work. The same 45 minutes that the original victim waited before rescue arrived.

I think we should find a suitable punishment for Pete Arredondo, a monster.

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By awa

13 thoughts on “CYA in full swing at Uvalde”
  1. So Explosive Entry aint a cop thing?
    Just 6” of DET cord around the door knob and stroll right in.

    I call BS on THE COWARDS.

  2. Hell, they dont need detcord. Theres breaching shotgun shells…sledge hammer, fire ax, prybar, the list goes on… Sad…. What about windows?? 2nd floor?? Get a fukkin ladder….

    1. Agree…all those hi-speed dudes tac’d out, and no one had breaching rounds? And if the fire department was on sight, no one went and got the Halligan tool??

      Locked door = lame assed excuse

  3. Arredondo must have a tiny ass if he thinks that thin bullshit is going to cover it. Either that, or he’s a huge ass himself.

  4. So, uh, no firefighters in Uvalde? No ladder company (whose primary job is forcible entry)?

    No high risk warrant service team? Because, ya know no druggie EVAH locks it’s doors, amirite?

    Odd, that…..

  5. One would think that some of the millions spent costuming the Uvalde SWAT team included some high speed low drag breaching tools or even a sledge and a crowbar from Ace Hardware. To claim a SWAT team couldn’t break open a door is a lie bigger than two years of Biden speeches.

    1. This is why I included the video of fire fighters forcing doors. The doors I’ve seen in our local schools might be in steel frames in cinder block walls, but I know darn well that there are tools to open them.

      Here is a link to police training on how to breach.

    2. Right? I posted above if the fire dept was on sight, there should have been a Halligan tool available. And if not, Uvalde is pretty small, you could go buy a big sledge and be back quicker than it took for these guys to act.

  6. Hmmm. None of that lame excuse making can account for why they went out of their way to stop parents from trying to do the very thing that they themselves should have been trying to do. “Oh, the door was locked, you see, and the sun was out and that meant we had to wear our tacticool sunglasses and if we have our sunglasses on, it’s really hard to see the sights on the guns. So we were waiting until evening. And…”

  7. At 18 I was a janitor for the school I had graduated from. I had a single key that opened all but 3 doors in the building. Saying they couldn’t find the right key is bullshit.

  8. I’ve seen videos of the SWAT Olympics. The entry teams have breecher rounds, Haligans (those firefighting pry-bar-wedge-thingamabobs), rams, axes, crowbars etc.

    This is just another cheap attempt at deflection.

    All involved should be lined up and shot. Or hung. Or life-in-prison. Or at least fired without benefits.

  9. The classroom was actually two classrooms with an internal connecting door between them. They were also on the first floor. I am not even a cop or vet, but I or anyone else could come up with a good entry plan in 15-30 seconds.

    You Guys! Go get a pickup or two with 3-4 police officers in the box. You have 5 minutes. Drive up to the windows and shoot the armed man, and/or enter through the windows when I tell you to. You Five! You are entering through that door! Everyone else! Follow me through this door!

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