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D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says taxi drivers should be banned from carrying concealed handguns.
Lanier  made the recommendation during a hearing on a bill that would allow District of Columbia residents and visitors to get concealed handgun permits for the first time in nearly 40 years.

via Cab Drivers Shouldn’t Carry Concealed Weapons, D.C. Police Chief Says | NBC4 Washington.

After 25 years or more of country-wide Concealed Carry, it is sad to see that D.C. still treats their Cab drivers like some sort of second-class citizens.

Those who follow Massad Ayoob have his best-selling book The Ayoob Files. In the book we find the Mark Yuhr Incident in which Mr. Yuhr, a can driver saved his life because of the still new Florida Concealed Weapons Permit law.

In this city, it was once impossible to get a concealed carry permit unless you were influential, and even then it was only good in the county of issue. Florida’s recent pistol permit reform has changed this. Yuhr is one of the many citizens who took advantage of their right to get a statewide concealed carry permit after paying
$145 for the application and taking a 4-hour firearms safety course.

….”I’ ve given you all the money I have!”
“Get out of the car!”
The man in the back seat gestures savagely with the muzzle of the 9mm, and Yuhr opens hi s door, slides out of the bucket seat, and steps into the roadway. He watches as the man climbs between the two front buckets from the back seat. As he starts to emerge from the driver ‘s door, the gunman’s head swivels both directions, as if scanning for witnesses. His finger is tight on the trigger of the Smith & Wesson automatic...

If you wanna read the rest, go buy the book. This is a one must-have book in your library.

But I can advance that we had a happy ending with Mr. Yuhr or at least not so bad. But it was because he was given the chance to defend himself with the proper tools and not be 100% victim.

In D.C.? Well, Police Chief Cathy Lanier wants you to have a good chance to become a crime statistic.

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