This is Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner:


Clearly he hates the NRA and blames them for Philadelphia’s murder spike.

But let us look at some facts:

Philadelphia’s D.A. Sees Little Value and Much Injustice in Gun Possession Arrests

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a reform-minded Democrat, questions the effectiveness of two commonly proposed solutions to this problem: restricting the supply of firearms, a strategy favored by many Democrats, and prosecuting people for illegal gun possession, which has bipartisan support. The latter approach, Krasner says, is not only ineffective but unjust and racially discriminatory.

For people who are legally allowed to own firearms, carrying one without a license “is only a felony in Philadelphia,” Krasner notes. “The exact same offense in every other county in Pennsylvania (carrying a firearm without a permit to carry) is only a misdemeanor offense….The legislature’s decision to more punitively criminalize
and subject to more collateral consequences only the residents of its most diverse city is inequitable and obviously racist.” That policy, Krasner argues, reflects “the money and power upstate legislatures’ jurisdictions obtain from incarcerating Philadelphians in their prisons.” He condemns “a commerce in the bodies of Philadelphians held in upstate prisons for doing what is not even a crime in the jurisdictions where they are held.”

But wait, there’s more:

Arrest This Development
Led by Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner, progressive prosecutors are treating young felons with kid gloves.

Krasner’s office has established a new unit that will move some 18-to-25-year-old defendants into “rehabilitative programming” instead of seeking criminal punishments. As Krasner’s data dashboard demonstrates, “rehabilitative programming” is just a euphemism for dismissing charges. Krasner promises that the program will be limited to nonviolent offenses, including drug trafficking and other offenses. (The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that gun crimes will not be included, but Krasner has previously stated that prosecutions for illegal gun possession are “not only ineffective but unjust and racially discriminatory.”

The police seem to be doing their jobs, but like Law & Order says:

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.

The second one in Philadelphia is not doing its job.

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krasner

In 2021, police are making arrests for carrying an illegal gun on a pace nearly three times that of 2017, according to an Inquirer analysis of police data and eight years of court dockets.

If the current pace continues, police will make more than 3,000 arrests this year for illegal gun possession — by far the most on record.

Meanwhile, people accused of illegally carrying guns have seen their chances of getting convicted in court plunge from 63% in 2017 to 49% two years later.

Put plainly, people accused of carrying illegal guns in recent years have had better than a coin flip’s chance of beating their case in court.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said Philadelphia’s criminal justice system has become a “revolving door” for repeat gun offenders — leaving more of them on the street with their weapons, with little reason to fear the consequences of being caught.

Although she declined to single out District Attorney Larry Krasner, her top partner in Philadelphia law enforcement, Outlaw echoed a point that the Inquirer analysis revealed — that conviction rates for being caught with an illegal gun dropped after Krasner was sworn into office in January 2018.

The leading demographic of both victims and perpetrators are young black men.

Krasner has decided that prosecuting young black men who are carrying guns illegally is too harsh and racist.

As a result, there is an incredible spike in murders of young black men with illegally carried guns.

Here is a perfect example:


Lives would have been saved if men like this were put in prison when they were caught with illegally carried guns, but that would be racist so they are let go to get more guns and actually kill someone or get killed themselves.

Here is how bad it is:

State Investigating Krasner’s Failure To Prosecute Gun Crimes

The Judiciary Committee of the state House of Representatives, now considering a proposal to impeach Philly D.A. Larry Krasner, has already commissioned a comprehensive multi-year audit aimed at exposing Krasner’s horrendous record of prosecuting gun crimes.

The bill, which called for authorizing an in-depth six-year study of all gun prosecutions in Pennsylvania from 2015 to 2020, was passed by the state House on Nov. 17th, by a 133 to 67 margin. Although the bill calls for a state-wide study of gun prosecutions, the language of the bill, as well as the rhetoric of its sponsor, clearly targets Krasner’s D.A.’s office.

The state is (or was) investigating how badly Krasner is doing his job.

My tinfoil hat might be too tight but I’m suspicious that withe the alacrity that Kasner has attacked the NRA, is he deliberately encouraging murders and mass shootings to tip gun control in his favor?

He wants to take down the NRA so is piling up the bodies necessary to he to do that?

Is this the model across the country?

I think it might just be.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “DA encouraging murder to own the NRA”
  1. Democrat = bad for America.. when is this Counrty gonna wake up?? It would be interesting to see how many convictions of gun crimes are white….

  2. “For people who are legally allowed to own firearms, carrying one without a license “is only a felony in Philadelphia,” Krasner notes. “The exact same offense in every other county in Pennsylvania (carrying a firearm without a permit to carry) is only a misdemeanor offense…”
    Straw Man
    These people are for the most part already convicted felons, so the mere possession of a firearm is another felony WHEREVER they reside.
    Catch them, prosecute them, jail them, keep them in jail for full sentence. It’s not hard. ATL police announced recently that most of crime in city was attributable to about 1000 known recidivists. They are complaining about the revolving door the prosecutors have caused. If the law won’t deal with the issue, the citizens eventually will.

  3. Gang bangers gang bangin’? Drug deal gone bad? But it’s the legitimate gun owners/NRA’s fault.

  4. I guess he hasn’t read that the NRA was denied bankruptcy?

    The NRA is broke. They have already announced cutbacks, including political donations.

    GOA and other outfits are much smaller organizations, and don’t have much impact on the political landscape. IIRC, they mainly back folks in key lawsuits.

    The gun lobby, as a leftist boogeyman, is going to wear thin pretty fast. It’s at it’s weakest point in years. All that remains is shitty progressive policies. Sorry lefties – you own this shit.

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