This thread had nothing to do with guns, but with subsidies for battery powered cars.

But he felt the need to dismiss a valid argument because the accout making it was pro gun, and then doubled down by advocating for sending pro gun people to gulag.

It’s always, ALWAYS, about their desire for total control.

They hate you and want to work you do death in a camp.

The only reason they haven’t yet is because you own guns.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Daily reminders that anti-gunners want you dead”
    1. Yeah, but according to the antis, all of them are being bought by around 12 or 13 super-duper-extreme collectors.

      1. No joke. I’ve had that argument used in a ‘debate’. That 90% are being bought by prior firearm owners. I showed the math on that other 10%. They blocked me.

  1. Random c*nt says something on Twitter, and I’m supposed to care? Is he someone with any power?

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