By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Dan Crenshaw is right, this bill needs to pass”
    1. I will go back to what a state legislator said to me (mocking some of his fellow legislators) about passing things the base wants:

      “But if we do that, how will we fundraise?”

  1. It’s a shame that Crenshaw is a statist, and challenged with red flag laws and due process. Quite a facade he displays.

  2. If they do manage to beat the cheating spread, they’ll do the same thing they always do… they’ll completely ignore all the bills/measures that ‘should’ be pushed, cater to the extreme factions in the GOP, and cowtow to any pushback by the DNC. Then slowly lose their majority over the next few cycles.

  3. Nevertheless, his words are true. Let us hope that our schoolchildren will be taught thar Socialism and communism are not chic, but murderous.

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