Miguel sent me this article:

Charges in NYC chokehold death may hinge on ‘reasonableness’

The potential criminal charges against a U.S. Marine veteran who put Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold aboard a New York City subway train might depend on whether a “reasonable” New Yorker would have acted similarly.

Oh well, he’s fucked.

The problem isn’t what he did, the problem is New Yorkers are emotionally damaged people who have been beaten down by life in the Big City.

Outside of New York, a crazy vagrant threatening people in a train car from which there is no escape is a real danger, and reasonable people will defend themselves from that.

In New York City, that’s a normal day on the subway and just be sure not to stand too close to the platform edge so he can’t easily push you on front of a train.  If he scares you and you feel the need to defend yourself, you’re just a pussy and not a real New Yorker.

What’s reasonable everywhere is isn’t reasonable in New York because New Yorkers are unreasonable.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Daniel Penny is fucked because New Yorkers are broken people”
  1. Instead of “Stockhomle syndrome “ we should change it to new york syndrome….
    Punish the victim or the one bravest enough to defend themselves…

  2. Funny because New Yorkers are the loudest least courteous people I’ve met and among the first to say how they wouldn’t take that kind of behavior from anyone. Maybe tied with New Jersey actually.

    Rubber meets the road they’re gonna do their best to crucify him but at least they’re crowd funding a legal defense for the Marine last I herad.

  3. On The Fifth Column Podcast, Michael Moynihan (who lives in NYC and is left libertarian) said as much. Paraphrasing (because I’m not going to listen again to get it exact), he said a reasonable non-New-Yorker would have considered the behavior and language to be a threat, but New Yorkers wouldn’t because their perspectives are warped on what is normal vs. abnormal behavior.


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