Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels is known for the idea of the
“big lie.”  The idea of the big lie is not difficult to understand, and is summarized by this famous Goebbels quote:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Well Davig Hogg has cranked that up to 11.

So he repeated a lie five times and then told his followers to repeat it five times each.

That’s not his biggest lie, however.

He’s actually arguing that the NRA doesn’t have 5 million members.  He’s right, we actually have 6 million, but his implication is that the NRA has fewer than 5 million, perhaps by a lot.

So the big lie that David “Goebbels” Hogg is trying to push is that the NRA is really just a small group of people that launder Russian money into American elections.

Ah yes the “people are dying” argument.  The reason kids got killed in Parkland was the arrogant incompetence of their hyper-political sheriff.  But you will never see David Hogg blame Sheriff Israel for the deaths, just the NRA.

Continuing in this theme:

I covered this law and the reporting on it yesterday.

The whole point of this rule change is to prevent donors from being harassed for making donations.

Should  news paper or anti-gun organization be able to FOIA the donor list of the NRA and publish the names and addressed of NRA members in deep blue places?

Should people have to fear harassment and getting fired because of who they support through financial contributions?

I don’t believe so.  Then again, I don’t think that people should get hounded out of restaurants or have people shouting on bull hours outside their house all night to keep them form getting any sleep.

Since the radical Left, including the Parkland kids, have decided that public harassment and destroying people’s lives and livelihoods on social media is an acceptable tactic this law is more important than ever.

So without a doubt David Hogg hates this rule and has to slander the NRA with it.  It makes it harder for his kind to harass the others.

There is no truth left on his side, just repeated over-the-top lies.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “David Hogg is borrowing from Joseph Goebbels shamlessly”
    1. There are several orifices to choose from. But probably his ears, listening to whatever he’s told to do.

      Then again this is dumb and annoying enough he might have come up with it on his own.

    2. I thought that at one time I read that is the amount the NRA spent on the last presidential election, but that could be wrong.

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