Gun control is becoming a waning issue.

Beta O’Rourke thought he could harness the zeitgeist and increase his poll numbers to above 1% by calling for gun confiscation.  That has had such a backlash that other Democrats are having to tell him to “please, shut the fuck up before you guarantee Trump’s reelection.”

The Democrats have tried to have a hearing on gun control, but they couldn’t keep it together because every time one dozed off in committee and woke up, they’d reflexively say “impeach Trump.”  That would start a chain reaction of other Democrats saying “impeach Trump” like dogs barking at each other from their yards.  By the time the committee quieted down, they forgot what they were talking about.

Besides a Ukraine, the other big news of the week was an emotionally traumatized teenage Swedish girl with a learning disability was brought to the UN to advocate for the total destruction of the Western economy at the hands of socialism to save the glaciers.

It is for all of these reasons that David Hogg has decided that the best way to keep relevant is to wax philosophical about climate change and Trump as indignantly and ignorantly as he did about guns when he was at his zenith.

Pictured: David Hogg right now

Every statement he made in that Tweet wrong, but over-the-top factual inaccuracies and hateful accusations are his brand.

The saddest part about this is this.

He is at Harvard, which you didn’t get into to.  He’s going to graduate from there because it is impossible to flunk out of Harvard.  He will make connections with the rich and powerful, and when he is minted into a member of the elite, he will be offered a job at a think tank or big money backed activist group and get paid more than you will ever make.

This is all despite the fact that is Tweets prove beyond any doubt that he is stupid, ignorant, lacks critical thinking capabilities, and is driven entirely by partisan emotions.

A quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln goes: “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

Hogg’s Tweets remove all doubt that he is a fool on every single subject.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “David Hogg is trying to keep relevant and it’s pathetic”
    1. Given the left’s views about humanity, you would think that “our species will be extinct in 100 years” would be received with cheers, not moans.

  1. I always thought that the “silent, thought a fool” quote was from Mark Twain. Although he was known for collecting folk knowledge in his travels.

    Regarding Hogg’s inevitable rise to the elite, the elite need to be careful about this type of thing. Social media, Twitter especially, has been incredibly damaging to the public’s respect and deference to the elites. Once we realize they’re as vapid as the cashier at Hot Topic we just tune them out.

    1. Nope. I know the Ivy League system. Letting a student flunk out means acknowledging that one of the “best of the best” they admitted wasn’t good enough to graduate from there. I had a buddy who went to Harvard. No shit, turned into a raging drunk and attended no classed. They let him have a year long “sabbatical for individual study” rather than kick him out. Then when he graduated a year late, admitted him into the law school.

      Once you are in, you are in, and it’s almost impossible to get tossed out.

  2. While they may let him pass out of Harvard with a sheepskin, that’s about as far as the boy is going to get.
    Former child props age about as well as supermarket sushi.

    And it’s not like he has a family connection to any real kind of power. He doesn’t have a mommie or daddy with real government influence, ala the Clinton or Biden kids. Why put him in a six figure foundation sinecure if he’s not going to bring home the cash?

    But, if he’s able to marry up to the right family, then he may just be able to do that.

      1. Sure, but he’s got to get that MR. degree first.
        If he was smart, he’d be working hard on that- one of the Obama daughters would be the best bet if you could swing it, but any spawn of a national level politician would do.
        But my money’s on him utterly blowing that opportunity because he thinks he’s more special than he really is.

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