Earlier today Miguel wrote a post about David Hogg retconning the Parkland shooting so he could stay relevant.

Hogg is a little shit with a big ego.

He ego lends him to do really stupid and felonious things.

A few years ago he was at the Toronto Film Fest and on stage solicited Canadians to donate to influence US political elections.  Michael Moore had to yank his mic away and tell him “no” in front of the crowd.

But because he’s a Leftist turd, he didn’t get in trouble for that.

Now, in another attempt at flexing, he squealed on his dad breaking FBI policy and and the law.



He knows guns.

He shot a government issued fully automatic weapon when he was a kid.

He wasn’t supposed to but his dad was FBI and because he’s a Leftist turd and the FBI is unaccountable, nobody will get it trouble for it.

See, he’s so special he can have access to machine guns but you shouldn’t even be able to buy semi auto rifles.

This little shit has been nothing but rewarded for his behavior.

Back in the days of his pillow company and the way that folded spectacularly, I wonder how much money he took in and if what he did was defraud investors.

Then there are the questions I have about his lifestyle.  The trips, the sailing, the selfies, the extravagance, does he charge speaking fees or is he pocketing money from charitable donations?  He just doesn’t add up.

I suspect this little shit will continue to do stunt after stunt until he finally does something too illegal to go unnoticed.

And after reading about everything partisan and corruption the FBI has done over the last few years, it makes perfect sense to me why this kid is such an arrogant turd willing to break the law to get what he wants.  The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “David Hogg’s felonious ego”
    1. I think you would be surprised at what individual feebs have at home, from government issue to confiscated weapons to explosive devices of all kinds. They might need that to use against insurrectionists, you know.

  1. Then again mr hogg would shit bricks if he had a clue what some Americans actually LEAGALLY own- IE REAL machine guns… fuk him, he will go down in flames hopefully spectacularly with lots of media coverage…

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