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13 thoughts on “Dear Brady: Fixed that for you.”
  1. I don’t know if this Arbery case is one you want to go with the “ballistic beatification” route on. Arbery was murdered, in cold-blood, by three men who videotaped their crime…

    Arbery was on probation for a conviction of carrying a firearm in a school zone and a unrelated shoplifting charge, but didn’t seem to have any other criminal record. He was twenty-five and putting himself through school to become an electrician whilst working in a auto garage. He wasn’t a saint, but he wasn’t a hardened criminal either… Seems like just a normal guy who made a couple dumb choices in his early twenties.

      1. The guy whose shotgun he grabbed pointed it at him and threatened to kill him… and then did so. Can you really fault Arbery for attempting (however futility) to defend himself from three armed men!?

        1. Ish, you are correct. The jury found that he was murdered.

          But the pattern of facts presented at trial showed that the victim was not a choir boy.

          First it was shown that he was known as”the jogger” by many local businesses for his delightful habit of stopping in front of stores, stretching like he was out jogging, then entering the business grabbing what he wanted and “jogging” off.

          If stopped prior to robbing he would claim he was just out jogging.

          He was filmed casing a building site prior to the day of the event. The neighborhood had been alerted to be looking for the guy.

          On the day of the shooting the men attempted a citizens arrest. Durning the course of the arrest attempt the pointed a shotgun at the “victim” and attempted to hold him until the police arrived.

          The “victim” then lunged, grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and shoot.

          The guilt or innocence of the three men who survived was based on the rules for citizens arrest in place at the time of the shooting.

          The jury decided that a citizens arrest was not justified, this made the use of force to detain him unjustified which made the grabbing of the shotgun a self defense on the part of the “victim” and made the three men with outstand reputations in the community murders.

          Andrew Branch wrote this up as the case was going to court. Prior to reading his write up I believed that this was murder. After listening and reading Andrew’s opinion I believe it was a citizens arrest gone wrong.

          After the shooting the law was changed in GA. Prior to the change of you caught a man in your home raping your 8 year old daughter and held him at gun point until the police arrived, that was citizens arrest. You got told what great restraint you had for not blowing him away. With the new law they congratulate you on send restraint and arrest you. That citizens arrest is no longer legal.

          1. And my understanding is that one of the three men didn’t actually take an active role, he held back and video recorded it. How he got stuck with a murder charge is beyond me. The two in the truck were active in the citizen’s arrest, so there’s that. But the third guy got railroaded.

            1. The same reason the get-a-way driver in a bank robbery is guilty of any crime that takes place while he is sitting in the car waiting to drive the criminals away.

              The gist is that all three were involved with the crime, even if the other dude was just sitting back there filming.

              He might have been found not guilty if the jury found he wasn’t acting with the other two men.

  2. Impulsive guy. He could have kept walking or zigged right into the brush. Instead he cut left and grabbed someone’s shotgun. Bad choice.

    1. He was out for his morning job when three armed men in a pickup truck pursued him, cut in front of him, and threatened to kill him… and then attacked.

      But, yeah, sure. He should have “zigged into the brush.” Readers of this blog are very familiar with the ballistic protection that bushes provide against shotguns. They’re totally indestructible, like mithril.

        1. No, it didn’t. The three men convicted of murdering him claimed he did, but according the the finders of fact in their trial, they were either mistaken or lying.

  3. 17 days until the second anniversary of the beatification of George Floyd.

    If he was not so stoned on Fentanyl, Saint George had plenty of time to drive away before the cops even got to 38th and Chicago. -OR- If he had just gotten into the squad car, the police could have observed his OD and gotten him safely to the hospital and a life-saving dose of NarCan before he died.

    If the chicken-sh!t Democrat mayors of Minneapolis (Jacob “Boy-Blunder” Frey) and St. Paul (Melvin Carter), and the Worthless, Incompetent Democrat Governor Walz of Minnesota had not bitched, moaned, shifted blame, and ineffectively dawdled for Four (4!) Nights of riots, arson, and looting, and instead had done their jobs by putting the National Guard on the streets keeping the peace? Maybe a Half Billion Dollars of Mayhem, Arson and Looting would not have happened? Maybe, just maybe, the riots would not have spread to every other Big Blue City Hell Hole by the next weekend? –

    Here is a little clue: When a shopping center with a Target Store ten miles away is being looted the next (Tuesday) afternoon at 2:30? You are going to have serious trouble, and you should be IMMEDIATELY calling out your National Guard, State Highway Patrol, every Sheriff Department, DNR Warden, and Correctional Officer available. Don’t wait 4 riotous days until Saturday Morning when Lake Street and 600 buildings have been destroyed to finally do your job.

    1. Sometimes you do not even the entire State National Guard.

      After three (1!, 2!, 3!) nights of arson, looting, and rioting in Waukesha, some teenager blows away a pedophile, another felon, and disarms (/jk) a third punk? Somehow the riots end that very night. Pure coincidence I am sure.

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