A Rite Aid store in the middle of Woodland Hills is closing its doors permanently over an increase in safety concerns.

Some employees say they were caught by surprise.

“Nowadays, everywhere it’s getting bad,” Karla Martir, a Rite Aid customer, said.

Customers outside the Rite Aid at the corner of Ventura and Topanga in Woodland Hills say they’ll miss this local staple when it closes for good on Monday.

“It’s been here forever, for as long as I remember,” Martir said.

“It’s a bad consequence for all the crime happening in the area, it’s a pity it’s gotten to this point,” Eric Brown, a Rite Aid customer, said.

According to LAPD’s crime mapping information, 107 incidents were reported nearby in just the last six months, ranging from vehicle thefts to burglary, robbery and assaults.

Woodland Hills Rite Aid to Close Due to Crime – NBC Los Angeles

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