Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been having a bad week.

The Left’s super-Progressive, gender-neutral linguaphile, and Woke Bae, was caught shoe-polish-handed in blackface on three occasions.

Consequently, there are many on the Left that want to cancel him.

What is he to do to save his reputation and reelection?

How about a gun ban?

That is solidly progressive and a nice, shiny distraction from his trans-racial antics.

It won’t be all that hard for him to do it either.  There are only 66,262 AR-15s in Canada (that they know of).  AR-15s, like handguns, are restricted in Canada.  They require special permitting from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and special rules must be obeyed in the ownership, transport, and use of them.

For all intents and purposes, the RCMP knows who owns every one of those guns and where they are located.

Without a Constitution like we have in the US, the RCMP can visit every AR-15 owner in Canada and demand they hand over their AR-15.  Canadian gun owners have no protection.

This is even worse than New Zealand’s assault rifle ban.  At least that was the result of a mass shooting.  This is just to improve Trudeau’s chances at reelection after being outed as a minstrel show cosplayer.

Just wait until his eventual outing as a sex criminal, as most male feminists are.  He’ll decide to take every handgun from law-abiding Canadians as well.

It sucks being a subject rather than a free citizen, which is why the Left in the US wants to make us all subjects.

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By J. Kb

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