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Every dystopian warning of the gun group has come true in Missouri, yet the organization is offering no sympathy for the African American victims.

via Why Isn’t the NRA Defending Ferguson’s Blacks? – The Daily Beast.

Why? Because the NRA is not a false Do-Good organization that promises to solve all your problems if you only vote for them/give them boatloads of money/appear with the proper media stars.

Unlike Moms Demand or Illegal Mayors or Brady, we are not a selected few telling the little people how to do or behave. The NRA is not a top to bottom organization where the top elite waves like a roman emperor to his subjects. We just simply figure shit has to be done, we get it going and we get it done. No waiting for subsidies.

Hell, we are even aware that many shooters not associated with the NRA benefit from what we do, yet we do not close them out when we win in a court or a legislature but we let them share the spoils. No Union card necessary.

And you still do not get it. You even admit we were right altogether! And that alone is a beauty on its own: Q.E.D.

And that is why we win and we will keep winning.

PS: The NRA could have done something about Ferguson after all: open a booth to sign up for new membership.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Dear CSGV: Quod Erat Demonstrandum”
  1. “Every dystopian warning of the gun group has come true in Missouri, yet the organization is offering no sympathy for the African American victims.”

    Once the watchman has warned the town of impending threat, the watchman’s duty is complete and nothing that happens to the town is any of his concern. I was raised by this principal.

    If the NRA had not warned anybody, or if they had claimed their warnings were false, they would be on the hook for something. As it is, the old adages “you made your bed now lie in it,” as well as all variants of “I told you so”/”I warned you.” apply.

    1. That was my thought.

      Basically, the question, “Why Isn’t the NRA Defending Ferguson’s Blacks?” is ridiculous. The NRA has done everything it could to protect the people’s right to bear arms, but it has not – and can not – force them to do so. That’s up to the people, plain and simple.

      In this case, though, I don’t think it’s a good idea. We still have no facts about the Brown shooting, so the mobs’ (both of them) outrage could be misplaced. I think both sides are going overboard with their various responses, and the situation, rather than quieting, is escalating, or at least perpetuating longer than it should have.

      The police, to their credit, have been launching tear gas, but they have not been unleashing full-auto fire into the crowds. If the crowds had firearms, I’m not sure I could say the same thing.

      Either way, blaming the NRA for “inaction” is a non-starter.

      1. Totally agree that the mobs are being stupid. The issue of whether the officer is guilty or innocent is the job for a jury to figure out, and massive amounts of property damage aren’t going to improve the situation.

  2. Its pretty rich of these guys to say that the NRA is offering no sympathy. Are they keeping track of our sympathy now? Or maybe they just need to find a way for us to keep being that bad guys, even after they admit we were right. The other truth is that just because we are opposed to jack-booted thugs does not predispose us to be sympathetic to looters and rioters. The nonviolent protesters who got gassed? Yeah, they have our sympathy. The armed folks protecting their stores and homes? They have our admiration, to be sure. If the situation devolves into those guys being forceably disarmed by the jack-boots, there’s a very real chance they’ll get our material support as well. They people that are looting and burning liquor stores and shops? Why the hell would they get our support? They aren’t fighting the jack-boots, just engaging in mayhem. There’s naught that’s admirable about that.

  3. It was Democrat Congressman John Dingell who – rightly – called the ATF “jackbooted thugs” at a congressional hearing on their outrageous acts. A hearing that result on legislation curbing them.

    Lapierre was quoting Dingell.

  4. Umm…just like Rob Crawford said. The NRA should not be supporting looters and arsonists. They support in general the ability for the good townsfolk to go get firearms to protect themselves from those looters and arsonists.

    CSGV members must inhale a lot of unicorn farts to stay alive in their alternate universe.

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