Dear Democrtas: Stop going down the high road of sexual morality.

So one of the Cohen tapes (legality still to be determined) has been released.

And much to the surprise of the Democrats, nobody is giving a damn other than a few Never Trumpers. IO have no idea why since they have been siding with defending every kind of sexual perversion every time one of them is caught doing it.

And then look at what Trump has allegedly been with: A Stripper, a Playboy Model. And he is married to this very sexy chick. Hell, he has been banging totally hot women!

The Democrat’s  Best President EVER bangs Michelle Obama… on purpose.

Who do you think we are going to root for?

11 Replies to “Dear Democrtas: Stop going down the high road of sexual morality.”

  1. I grew up with Trump and the Marla Maples soap opera, so none of this is a surprise. I knew it when I voted for him. Other than how it affects Barron and Melania, I don’t care.

    I voted for a President, not my pastor.

  2. I wonder if D’s realize how badly the destruction of attorney-client privilege they are committing could hurt them in the future. Given the Harry Reid “nuclear option”, I suspect they are still too stupid to understand.

    1. imagine if Debbie Wasseman Shultz’s lawyer was coerced into revealing discussions on the Dems’ IT scandal, or even Hillary’s?

  3. If you want to go back on the clock to the last democrat-who-might-as-well-have-been-a-republican, Kennedy, he had decent taste as well. Jackie O’nasses Kennedy wasn’t bad at all, and Marilyn Monroe was the chick everyone wanted a piece of at that time. So, when compared to Clinton’s choices (Hillary and Lewinsky), Trump’s doing a lot better than Slick Willie ever could get with. If not for the propriety of the matter, I’d applaud it.

    Still, as was mentioned above, I voted for a hard-charging hellraising not-a-president President. I didn’t vote for a pastor or a saint.

    Funny how quickly the Left dismissed the whole Lewinsky thing, but tries to weaponize this one? If they did not have triple or quadruple standards, they would lack standards entirely.

    1. I remember the blue dress scandal quite vividly, and how the Dems were shocked — shocked! — to believe that the GOP would mind non-secure persons allowed in the Oval Office, near the Nuclear “football”, without the knowledge of the Secret Service. Yes, Monica was right there, against orders and protocol.

      At least Trump hasn’t done anything in the White House, and, I assume, the First Lady still has some attraction for the Prez. I mean, poor Bill, all he had was Hellary. But it does not excuse his conduct.
      And, the Dems have a very short memory regarding Russia. Who gave Billary large amounts of cash for speaking engagements? Who sold uranium to the Russians? Do they really think we don’t remember?

      And, Barry, thanks for bringing up JFK. The Dems had no problem with JFK, whose sexual exploits make Bill Clinton look like an amateur. There were two women on the payroll, in the White House, nicknamed “Frick and Frack.” Their purpose? To get Jack off when the need arose. (puns intended.) JFK once told a visiting dignitary that, “If I don’t get a little at least twice a day, I get a headache.” On official travel, he had Secret Service agents bring girls to the hotel to, (ahem), take dictation. At least one Secret Service man refused to do it. But, the legendary JFK charm won out.

      How DARE the Dems cast aspersions on the current President, with all of these skeletons in their closet?

      Oh, I forget. Their followers have the attention span of a squirrel.

  4. To some extent, constant sexual allegations are part of the cost of living for billionaires. There’s usually no way to completely prove innocence or disprove allegations, so there’s a tendency to pay off these people to make them go away. For someone like Trump, paying a bimbo $10,000 to shut her up is like you or me giving a couple of bucks to a homeless guy to make them go away.

    Did Trump have sex with any of them? Don’t know, don’t really care a whole lot. It takes too more effort to try to sort it out than it’s worth, I don’t see why I should spend a month doing investigative reporting to find out. When these things supposedly happened, Trump was a civilian billionaire, not a president, congress critter or any sort of public “servant”. It doesn’t matter. Like RD said (kinda), the only people it matters to are family.

    1. Like every thing else in the modern leftist play book, sex scandals only apply to Republicans, unless the perpetrator is stupid enough to do so in front of witnesses (see Weinstein, King, I think much of the “outrage” over republican peccadilloes is an attempt to erode the conservative base (See Herman Cain, Ben Carson, et. al). Remember during the Lewinski affair the only reason we opposed Slick Willy was that we were just “obsessed with sex”.

    1. Look at it like this:
      Bill got Hillary and the little butterball in the blue dress.
      Barry got Michelle. Worst case of Resting Bitch Face ever.
      Donald got Bunnies, porn stars, and Melania who can melt polar ice just by smiling.
      Hail to the King, baby.

  5. I remember when the left said rumors that Bush 43 uses cocaine were disqualifying, and when they said Obama’s admission to cocaine use in his “auto”biography was no big deal.

    It’s all about what gives them an advantage at the moment, not about truth or standards.

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