Dear Floridians: You are your own First Responders.

Via Derek Ward and Greg Ellifrizt we get to learn how bad for your health and survival can be to depend on the official First Responders in Florida. Two articles call attention on this: One dealing how communications failure made a mess to the Pulse response in Orlando and the other is the blatant disregard Broward Sheriff Office deputies have for their jobs and training.

This would be where I usually point out that not all First Responders and Planners are this bad, etc. But this is not a political or opinion post but a safety warning and I cannot, in good conscience say this conduct and plans are not endemic throughout the state. We cannot afford the risk of thinking that this department which has a stellar reputation will function 100% impeccably when things go by the wayside and that you should trust them. Disappointment is usually one of the last thoughts before dying.



4 Replies to “Dear Floridians: You are your own First Responders.”

  1. Like in most states the most dangerous places to have to BE your own first responder (at least until we get enough justices in the USSC who can read and comprehend English, AND have the conjones to rule on the Constitutions prohibition on government overreach) are places where you aren’t allowed to BE a first responder. (unless you ignore the blatant un-Constitutional laws, at your own peril). So the choices are: put yourself at risk from bad guys, or from the ‘state’, or limit your freedom of movement.

    1. Limiting your own freedom of movement is probably the safest option. When I have to travel through Maryland “unheeled” I do so grudgingly, and make it as brief as possible. I’m extremely glad that I don’t have to travel to DC for work any more. New Jersey, New York? They never see my tourist dollars.
      …. hmmmm….Maybe we should advertise the fact that we don’t spend money in their states?

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