I have said it before, and I will say it again, I hate Leftist Jews.  I mean I really fucking hate Leftist Jews, with a visceral fucking passion.

I had heard that #MyWhitePrivilege was trending on Twitter.

It was a Twitter moment, meaning Twitter endorsed it.

I was going to ignore it because I am getting so beyond tired of self flagellating white Leftists.

My attitude has come down to this, if you hate your skin color that much, just park your Prius in your garage and leave the engine idling while you virtue signal online about it on Facebook and Twitter until you shuffle off this moral coil and take your shit Marxist ideas to hell with you.

But then I learned something about the hashtag that about made me stroke out.

This is the Tweet that started it all.

If you go through this guy’s feed, he is clearly an anti-white racist.  A true, woke bigot.

The whole point of his hashtag was to make white people feel guilty.  Not to make the world better for anybody, just to get Leftist white people to stew in self loathing.

What I found out recently was that Black Aziz aNANsi is a writer for Forward.

Forward is a far Left leaning Jewish news site.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Does anybody at the Forward have any idea how many times I have encountered online the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jews are part of an anti-white agenda?

Read the alt-Right or white supremacists some time and you will read that the Jews are behind the activist POC movement to destroy white America, ethnic Europe, and Western Civilization.

It’s bullshit.

Then I see that the Forward, a Jewish news site, is associated with an anti-white racist who got an anti-white hashtag trending on Twitter.

And yes, pushing white privilege is anti-white.  It is not intended in any way to make life for non-white people better, it is simply intended as a way to dismiss the successes of white people, ignore the suffering of white people, and make white people feel guilty of things they are not personally responsible for.

So fuck if the Forward isn’t perfectly feeding the alt-Right and white supremacists antisemitic conspiracies.

These stupid fucking Leftist Jews are giving ammunition to the alt-Right Jew haters while simultaneously bolstering the grievance  mongering that has led the woke POC intersectional coalition to hate the Jews and cast their lot with the Palestinians.

So now were doubly fucked.

The Forward needs to fire this fucking guy then shut down.

Then they need to do some very deep soul searching and see if they should continue the kind of behavior that makes white antisemites say “see, Hitler was right, the Jews are anti-white.”

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Dear Forward, you are not helping”
  1. I got caught dead to rights staging a fake hate crime in order to cause racial unrest and boost my career. The prosecutor’s office let me off scott free even though they had a mountain of evidence against me. Oh wait, that wasn’t me.

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