Gene, I would like to respond to your thread.

This is exactly, 100%, why I am no longer a conservative.

You, and people like you, have figured out how to weaponize our conservative values against us.

Now I’m a Chipperchetist.  That’s a Right Wing authoritarian populist who is violently anti-Communist, anti-pedophile, and pro-woodchipper.

I still hold true to many of my conservative values but unlike conservatives I will enforce my values.

For instance, you said:

For the 5,645th time, the 1st AMD protects the GOVERNMENT from restricting your speech.

It does not shield you from consequences of your speech or shield you from other people from exercising THEIR freedom of speech.

You are correct, except this was a public college, therefore a government institution.

By allowing the public to have the hecklers’ veto, the father’s 1st Amendment rights were violated.

Those students should have been removed or waffle stomped into silence, along with administrators that allowed them them to silence the father.

Second, you said:

The party of small government, freedom, and personal liberty is very loudly bragging about telling families what they can or cannot decide for their own children after consulting with doctors and psychologists.

I don’t care that a bunch of pedophiles and political activists with MDs support transitioning children.

These people are no different to me than Dr. Mengele and the Nazi eugenicists, the Japanese doctors of Unit 731 who performed vivisection on prisoners, or the phrenologists who explained why black people and Asians were inferior because of the shapes of their heads.

There have always been ideologues in lab coats who would use their medical credentials to legitimize their perverted and evil beliefs.

Anyone who can look at a child and say “this young person needs to be castrated, sterilized, and have a double mastectomy to cure his/hers/xirs emotional issues” is not a valid medical professional or has the best interests of the child at heart despite whatever diplomas they have on the wall.

No government should be so small that it cannot stop a pedophile’s scalpel from mutilating the genitals of a child.

My government is big enough to both protect the child and shove the pedophile surgeon through a woodchipper.

But your conservative values.”

Yes.  I have them and I will enforce them against you Leftists with the same alacrity that you enforce your values against us.

Do you understand now?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Dear Gene, this is why I’m not a conservative anymore”
  1. Small quibble (mostly against Gene Wu): The GOP has not been the “party of small government, freedom, and personal liberty” for a long, long time.

    Neither the Democrat nor Republican parties desire small government. They both want government big enough to do whatever they want, and differ only in what they would have government regulate and enforce, sometimes not even that.

    Ditto for freedom and personal liberty; both parties support some freedoms and liberties and would just as soon eliminate others, and only differ in which freedoms they support or condemn, not the degree of support or condemnation.

    And I agree, no government should be so small as to be unable to protect the rights of its citizens. That’s part of any valid government’s narrowly-defined duties and powers.

    Our Constitution has ten amendments which define individual rights that are supposed to be untouchable — and the tenth specifically says the first nine are not an exhaustive or exclusive list. We call these ten amendments, collectively, the Bill of Rights. An ideally-sized and -oriented government would be big enough to enforce and guarantee all of them, but not so big that it can’t help but infringe on any of them.

    Unfortunately, all the major parties — and most of the minor parties, too — fail to envision that “Goldilocks” government that would best serve We the People.

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