The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most disturbingly horrible movies I have ever seen.

Who decided that this is a Christmas movie worth playing over and over again during December?

Who decided, more over, that this is a “family” movie which means kid appropriate?

I’m an free speech advocate but I would not have a problem with the systematic elimination of every copy of this movie from the known universe.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Dear HULU and Freeform”
  1. I rather liked it.

    But, no, despite it being stop-action animation it is decidedly not a kids film.

  2. Never did it for me.

    I’d say pg level probably is right.

    It came out at a time when it was basically animated=kids movie regardless of content.

  3. I’d say PG-13, it is a bit creepy. Tim Burton is a bit twisted, all else being equal.

    And I’d rate it less of a Christmas movie than Lethal Weapon or Die Hard.

  4. Gonna disagree on all points: pretty good Christmas movie, and my toddler loves it. The music is also great and some of it makes it onto the seasonal playlist.

    Of course that being said one of the biggest sins of the season is over-exposing popular media. I watch most Christmas movies once a year. By the third or forth showing I am ready to burn them all. Bah humbug.

  5. As long as you put “Christmas” in the title, it becomes a “Holliday Classic.” I suspect “Debbie Does Dallas Next Christmas” would become a perennial favorite.

  6. So what you wrote is, “I am a free speech advocate, but I support the eradication of speech I disagree with.”

    You can’t be both, champ.

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