In recent years there have been several mass casually attacks at places were Jews congregate.

The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

The Chabad of Poway shooting.

The Mosney, New York, Hanukkah stabbing.

Now this hostage crisis in Colleyville, Texas.

I’ll even add in the New Jersey Kosher Market shooting.  It was not a house of worship but it was a place where Jews frequented.

If you attend a Synagogue in a shall issue state or locale, where it is legal to carry in a house of worship, and your Synagogue is a gun free zone, ask, demand to know why they will not allow Jews to be armed.

Every Synagogue should be requesting volunteers of the congregation to be armed during services.

I will say this about Churches in Red states, they are armed and defended.

In 2017, a gunman killed 26 and wounded 22 at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Two years later, when another asshole attacked a church in White Settlement, Texas, he shot two before an armed worshiper blew his brains out the side of his head with a 357 Sig.

The Churches I knew in Alabama at the time responded by arming up even more, having armed volunteers outside as well as inside.

Why on God’s green earth does the Jewish community not emulate that?

If it’s legal to carry in a Synagogue in your state, demand the right to do it and encourage every responsible Jewish adult to do it.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Dear Jewish Readers”
  1. Bravo Sir! We the People need to step up and SPEAK up. Where ever you see “no firearms” signs tell them you will not go there. It is all on us yall.

  2. I’d love to see the laws changed so that, while property owners were free to post, if they did, they then were responsible for damages for any shootings that occurred on their property. In other words, posting had to be accompanied by magnetometers, security forces, and liability insurance. It would totally get rid of “virtue signalling” posting.

    I’d also like other states to adopt our rules for government buildings. Specifically, you’re not allowed to carry in a building that contains court facilities, but they have to provide lockers where you can anonymously lock up whatever you may be carrying after you enter the building, but before you go through the metal detectors.


  3. Many years ago now I was talking about concealed carry with an Orthodox friend. He told me that at least half the men in his congregation, him included, were carrying all the time. Reform Jews, sadly, tend in my experience to be progressive weenies who recoil in horror at the idea of self defense. Somewhere Darwin is shaking his head sadly.

  4. Tried quietly bringing up the topic of self defense once at shul a few years ago. They soon changed all the locks on the building, then only gave keys to the other members, just in order to get rid of me. Been davening alone ever since. Liberalism is a sick, twisted byproduct of our long galut.

  5. One of the Catholic Churches I belonged here in TX had a big no carry sign on the doors- English and Spanish. The one I attend does not, although I believe a notice is posted on the bulletin board.

    Means little. Dudes I know that carry, are packing heat no matter what. And who’s to say? It’s concealed. I have a .44 bulldog that fits in my pocket. I wouldn’t be able to hit someone across the sanctuary, but most certainly I’d get him at half the distance.

  6. I would add: if you live a state where it is not legal to carry in a house of worship, start agitating loudly and often for that to be changed, and tar anyone opposing the change with the brush of antisemitism.

  7. “If it’s legal to carry in a Synagogue in your state, demand the right to do it and encourage every responsible Jewish adult to do it.”

    And, maybe if it isn’t??

  8. I am one of the people who run the audio mixer for our church services. Of the five people in the back of the room, three are every day carriers. I asked our pastor how many people he thought carried concealed in service. He said he didn’t have a clue about the women, but he thought about 40% of the men carried. We have about 300 at each service, so assume 150 men of whom 80 are of age. That means that 30 men (and probably at least 10 women) are carrying in each service.

  9. Well….this Jew and his wife are most certainly packing. As ‘ol George Washington said “stay strapped get clapped”.

    I don’t get the pansy ass reform or “cultural” Jews who get the vapors at the thought of firearms. They tend to have soft hands and no principals. Fuck em.

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