If you haven’t been paying attention, Texas is considering going Constitutional Carry.

Most gun rights enthusiasts would think that’s great, and it is.  Not so much the Texas Licence to Carry (LTC) instructors.

It’s good business in Texas to be an LTC instructor.  Guns are flying off the shelves and record numbers of people are applying for licences.

A quick internet search shows that LTC instructors are booked for weeks and months out.

It’s a tedious process to become a certified LTC instructor.

So clearly, Texas going Constitutional Carry is going to cut into their business some.  That is unacceptable to them.  Their paychecks are more important than your rights.

With that greed in mind, a group of LTC instructors sent a letter to the Texas legislature.


All of these instructors can get fucked.  All.  Of.  Them.

Our rights don’t end where their cheddar begins.

I fully support training.  I’ve said that many times.  I do not like mandatory training because it smacks of the old system of literacy tests to deny people the right to vote.  In Illinois, the legislature deliberately made the training 16 hours to discourage people from getting carry permits, and the cost of two full days of training was expensive, about $600.

LTC instructors could rebrand themselves, they could focus on newbies or women or modify their businesses to do more shooting instruction.  But that takes work and the current system guarantees them a steady stream of customers for classroom time.  So they decided to support the current system to keep the cash rolling in.

Every single instructor who signed that letter should become persona non grata in every gun store and gun range in Texas, for putting the content of their wallets over the rights of the people of Texas.

Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Dear LTC Instructors, Get f*cked you greedy bastards”
  1. I spent the money to become a certified NRA instructor NOT to get rich. But because I saw the need for education. Maine passed constitutional carry the same year I got certified. Alot of people decided they didnt need to take a course now. So I primarily do one on one training for people. Mandatory courses cause greed…

  2. If any of the instructors who signed that letter are also FFLs, the obvious response is to boycott their businesses. Just like FFLs who favor universal background check as a means to boost their business, such people are enemies to the RKBA and don’t deserve to be in business.

  3. That particular rot also leads back to the NRA board of directors, in particular one Charles Cotton, buddy of WLP.
    He helped pass the conceal carry law, set himself up as a defender of same, and has spent the following quarter century fear mongering about any expansion of carry since. He phrases it as “be happy with what we have and don’t scare people,” but he’s fought solely to preserve, protect, and mandate the instructor niche industry above all else.
    And he parlayed that into a seat on the NRA BoD and Wayne’s ear, obstructing any sort of NRA backed restoration or expansion of carry rights.
    I got permabanned from his forum ten years ago for daring to question him, even privately.

    1. If it’s the same Charles Cotton (and I’m pretty sure it is), he’s a senior officer of the gun range I belong to. My wife and I took our LTC class there, I signed up not realizing he was the instructor.


      An entire day of listening to him bragging about what he’s done, how he wrote the law, so on and so on. Not to mention the 2 or 3 dozen times he yanked out his 1911, unloaded it, used it for a demonstration, then reloaded it again. Scared me shitless especially when he had several of those blue plastic training pistols right there on the desk.

      1. Probably one and the same. Cotton got on the BoD by “helping write” and pushing CHL in texas back in the 90s.

  4. I believe that all Constitutional Carry states (except, oddly, for the original one, Vermont) also issue carry permits for reciprocity purposes. If you’re from Vermont and travel to another state, you’re just hosed, but if you travel from, say, Iowa, and are carrying an Iowa permit, you’re in good shape in a lot of other states.

  5. At least one of the named signatories has responded in comments to the link, saying they never signed that and their name is being used without permission. A false-flag to not only show bogus support but also damage the named signatories’ reputations and businesses?
    It bears researching now, if the supposed AUTHORS even support this, or are they being false-flagged as well?

  6. 1811, yes, for example NH issues permits for just that reason. Of course, NH permits don’t come with any training requirement; just fill out the form, pay the fee, and wait a couple of days.
    Kermit, if that is the case the person whose name was misused should sue for defamation.

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