Dear NBC, can you run that by me again?

This is possibly one of the most contradictory articles ever written about guns and Active Shooters.  Beside the fact that semi-auto weapons are included in the non-automatic weapons category, we get an initial statement that gets contradicted by the same article.  Did somebody retire and were imbuing alcohol while preparing this confusing facsimile of news?


Exhibit 1)

CHICAGO — Gunmen with semi-automatic rifles wound and kill twice as many people as those using non-automatic weapons, although the chances of dying if shot with either type of weapon are the same, a new analysis shows.

Exhibit 2)

But in “active shooter” attacks, which tend to occur in confined spaces and with an intent to kill, the results suggest that all types of guns are equally deadly, said lead researcher Dr. Adil Haider, a trauma surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Exhibit 3)

Overall, 44 percent of people hit in such attacks involving semi-automatic weapons died, the same as those wounded in attacks with non-automatic weapons, showing that “the death rate if you got hit by a bullet was the same,” Haider said.

They are not even trying anymore.

7 Replies to “Dear NBC, can you run that by me again?”

  1. Assuming that my physician colleagues have been accurately quoted in this article (which, i have to admit, is a YYUUUGGGEEE! assumption), there are occasions wherein I simply wish they would STFU. Since I daily argue with anti vaxxers, “medical marijuana is better than smoking cigarettes”, and similar geniuses, please, please, PLEASE, Doctor, do NOT go out of your way to make my life more difficult! The more effectively you hide your idiocy, Doctor, the more likely it is that some idiot will at least listen to my health advice.

  2. Seriously – what are they trying to say? “non-automatic rifles kill twice as many as non-automatic guns but “the death rate if you got hit by a bullet was the same”? What??

    I can’t get any meaning out of that, other than getting shot isn’t good for you.

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